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Our Favourite Instagram Accounts To Use For IKEA Hacking Inspo

As versatile as the Swedish brand has made its furniture, people all around the world are still finding ways to up their IKEA hacking game, and we can see why: It’s so incredibly satisfying to turn a generic IKEA piece into one that’s 100% your own. 

Some hacks are as simple as a different coat of paint while others require a lot more elbow grease, resulting in something that looks completely different from the original piece. 

Whether you’re looking for some IKEA hacking inspo or just love checking out other people’s creative hacks, here’s our pick of the best Instagram accounts to follow: 

1. @ikeahack

Who knew that a simple dresser could be redesigned into part of a study table? This genius IKEA hack simply requires adding a piece of wood and glass to make the tabletop while the dresser supports one end while providing storage simultaneously. We love how this hack is so space-efficient and designed to keep you organised. 

2. @ikeahackersofficial

IKEA Hackers is perhaps one of the biggest IKEA hacking accounts there is on Instagram and one of our favourites (check out how Jules, the founder of IKEA Hackers transformed her bestie’s office space with one of our slipcovers here!).

Jules is constantly reposting the best hacks on the internet, ensuring that you never run out of inspiration to execute your own IKEA hack. 

3. @limmaland

Hacking children’s IKEA furniture is perhaps one of the most fun projects you can dive into because you can be as creative as you like with the repainting, colours and designs you pick. 

Limmaland provides you with countless IKEA hacks designed for children’s furniture, from gorgeous wallpapered IKEA Duktig play kitchens to dressers in cute repaints. 

Take this IKEA Ivar cabinet hack, for example. It’s amazing how some paint and masking tape can result in a stunning Scandi-inspired mountainscape.

4. @makingprettyspaces

Jennifer of Making Pretty Spaces will convince you that just about anyone is capable of hardcore DIY-ing around the house.

Just take a look at her Instagram account and you’ll be amazed at the hacks she’s managed to pull off. One particularly intricate (and super impressive) hack she’s accomplished that she shows off on her feed to prove her point is this built-in IKEA Besta bench hack.

With this hack, she’s successfully transformed an unused nook into a seating area simply by putting several IKEA Besta cabinets together, paired them with seat cushions, and voila! 

We’re definitely impressed.

5. @beglorifiedhome

Kara of Be Glorified Home is another avid DIY-er who loves spreading the IKEA hacking gospel through her feed to inspire.

We were particularly intrigued by this IKEA shoe storage hack Kara shared on her Instagram account — what was once a plain shoe cupboard has been repurposed into a gorgeous hallways storage chest with multiple drawers.


6. @beautytofashion_

Beauty To Fashion is a treasure trove of IKEA hacking ideas that you’ll never tire of.

From smaller hacks such as repainting the IKEA Dokument letter tray a gorgeous shade of gold to creating an ultra-girly fluffy stool, this Instagram account will have your DIY needs sorted. 

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