Rachel Yeng


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Hovas cover on Ekeskog sofa

IKEA introduced the Hovas sofa in 2009 and many thought it was a replacement to the Ekeskog  model. They do look suprisingly similiar. These sofas are both discontinued, but we at Comfort Works are still making the slipcovers!

If you are looking for slipcovers for these models, here’s a useful road map to tell the differences:

If you have an Ekeskog couch and just bought a Hovas slip cover, you will find that only the cushions will fit. However, the Hovas sofa frame slipcover will not fit on the body of the Ekeskog couch being a few cm short.

The back of the Hovas also extends out over the arm rest cushions while the Ekeskog’s back ends before the arms begin, as below: (original photo credits to

Hovas cover on Ekeskog sofa

Here are more differences:

Comfort Works now makes slipcovers for the Hovas 3-seater sofa, footstool and armchair.

Meanwhile for the Ekeskog sofa range, we make slipcovers for the 3-seater sofa, sofa-bed, footstool and armchair.

I’ve attached a few pictures below. Go ahead test yourself to see if you can spot the differences 😉


Ikea HOVAS sofa series
Is this the Ikea Ekeskog or Hovas range?


Update: Courtney from Golden Boys and Me reviewed our Ekeskog slipcovers on her blog and shared this lovely image.

Custom Ekeskog slipcovers by Comfort Works
Custom Ekeskog slipcovers in Herringbone Ivory fabric – before and after!