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Top 10 farmhouse sofas with stunning examples in the living room

If you’ve been designing a living room that’s high on the warm and cosy factor, then you’re likely already familiar with the famous farmhouse style that’s been turning heads across the globe. There’s something about that welcoming, clean and timeless look that whisks you away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and into a cosy cottage. 

While it may not be possible to pack up your belongings and move to the countryside, you can always do the next best thing. Bring the farmhouse back home with your own farmhouse-inspired living room.

As with every living room overhaul, there’s nowhere better to start than with the anchor of the room, the couch. 

Creative as decor is, there are no hard and fast rules – any sofa can be a farmhouse sofa in the right hands. As long as it works it works, but there are some couches out there that just seem to lend themself to the whole look that much easier. We’re here to show some of those off!

That’s right, we’re going over a list of the best farmhouse sofas that will fit straight into your living room designs like the missing jigsaw piece of a puzzle. Use them to complete the look or simply design your living room around them if you’re starting from scratch – you’ll find plenty of examples here! 

Starting with:

1) Pottery Barn Comfort Roll Sofa – $1,299

White potterybarn sofa slipcovered in white in a farmhouse living room
Image Credit : Pottery Barn

There’s no better way to start a farmhouse sofa list than with a Pottery Barn Couch. Practically synonymous with the whole look, the PB Comfort Roll sofa is a fan favourite that’s used by many across the world to furnish their farmhouse living rooms. 

Slipcovered with its slightly rounded arms, it’s not difficult to see how this couch fits in with the aesthetic, especially given the incredible slipcover options PB offers to fit any color palette.


2) IKEA Ektorp (Replaced by Uppland in the US) – $399

There’s a farmhouse sofa for any budget and the IKEA Ektorp proves it… or at the very least shows you can get a farmhouse couch at the very bottom levels of the IKEA price range.

Traditional rounded arms and available with white slipcovers, the Ektorp comes with all the basics needed to be the centrepiece of a farmhouse living room. It’s also super affordable at $399 on top of being available globally.


3) Crate & Barrel Ever Slipcovered Sofa – $2,299

The number one contender on this list for snuggliest looking sofa, the Ever sofa is deep and inviting. It’s Crate & Barrel’s own take on the famous (and absurdly expensive) Restoration Hardware cloud couch – at a fraction of the cost.

Not only is it incredibly comfy with a single bench cushion and low nappable armrests, it also scores major points for those wanting something less traditional (read: safe) than “just another round arm couch”.


4) Arhaus Baldwin Sofa – $3,899

Those looking for quality with an incredibly soft sit will get along just fine with the Arhaus Baldwin sofa. Quaint with cute little armrests, and rustic-looking with it’s drapey slipcover, it’s got all the makings of your stereotypical farmhouse couch – in good ways of course.

The only downside is that it being Arhaus means it’s going to be a splurge but hey, at least it will make your friends green with envy.


6) Birch Lane Clausen Sofa – $1,400

There’s nothing like a giant 93” sofa to fill in any excess space in the living room so if deep-seating and oversized are the words of the day, then look no further than the Clausen sofa.

Slipcovered and surprisingly rustic looking despite its clean lines, this monstrous sofa from Birch Lane has got all your lounging needs met (or second bed needs). What’s particularly surprising is that it costs just $1,400 for a hardwood framed sofa constructed in North Carolina, which makes it a top contender in the value-for-money department.


6) Article Sven – $1,899

Fancy both leather sofas and the farmhouse aesthetic? Get the best of both worlds affordably with the gorgeous Sven sofa from Article. Mid-century and upholstered in full-grain aniline leather, there’s a lot to love about this sub-$2,000 couch.

Not only will it take centre stage as the statement piece of the room, but it may just be the right couch to prevent your space from looking too white – if such a thing was possible for a farmhouse living room that is.

Not feeling the leather look as the main living room sofa? No problem. The armchair versions just so happen to work perfectly as accent pieces in a farmhouse living room.


7) Havertys Gianna Sofa – $1,400

Slipcovered sofas don’t work for every living space, no matter how convenient they may be. Sometimes the classic upholstered look is just what’s needed to complete the look, which is what this sofa offers without a giant price tag.

Somehow modern and traditional looking at the same time, the Gianna has a uniquely curved design and tufted cushions which is a little ostentatious for the typical simplicity-inspired farmhouse look. On the other hand, it would be just the right accompaniment to more ornate versions of the farmhouse, like the French farmhouse.

With clean lines and slim armrests, the Dune is not the first sofa thing that comes to mind when hunting for a farmhouse couch. Yet it somehow works perfectly as just that.

Maybe it’s the massive bed-like single seat cushion that fills the head with thoughts of dreams, or maybe it’s the performance linen slipcovers that scream shabby-chic. 

Either way it’s a relaxed looking couch that’s more on the unconventional side if that’s your thing, and it’s got some seriously amazing craftsmanship for the cost!


9) IKEA Farlov – $799

Traditional with a sophisticated twist, the Farlov is another budget contender straight from IKEA. It’s slipcovered and available in white like many of the other couches on this list so it’s easily settled into most farmhouse living rooms.

What makes the Farlov a tad fancier above its IKEA brethren is the elegant sloped arms that would do well in slightly more modern versions of the farmhouse look. Also, the fact it looks like it’s from Restoration Hardware gives it bonus points – nobody would guess such a fancy couch came from IKEA 🙂


10) Your own sofa turned farmhouse – $300+

Can’t find the right sofa for your grand living room visions? Simply make your own farmhouse couch using the sofa you already have! All it takes is a little slipcover magic.

Slipcovers in action!

Do a complete U-turn on your sofa’s personality and recreate it exactly how you want it from the material, color, piping, skirt and style of the slipcover. There’s even a multitude of shabby-chic linens to choose from that would go particularly well with the rustic farmhouse look.

Rustic farmhouse sectional sofa in a farmhouse living room
Ektorp sectional sofa slipcovered in our Pure Linen Natural slipcovers

So if your sofa is still holding up, consider designing your own farmhouse sofa. Make it sparkly new again, reduce wastage and get what you want without breaking the bank!

Interested? Check us out on our website to see all the brands and couch models we can make gorgeous, centrepiece worthy slipcovers for: