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The ultimate guide to modern farmhouse decor

What is modern farmhouse style?

Modern farmhouse style is… exactly what it sounds like. It’s the contemporary, stylised idea of what a super chic farmhouse might look like for city-slickers and suburban dwellers desperate for a touch of the country. With its nod to traditional styles and focus on warmth and comfort, modern farmhouse is high on the cosy factors – something we’ve all been looking for after the year we’ve had.

How to get the modern farmhouse look

First, get comfortable with the key identifiers of the style: think whitewashed walls, wooden beams, big, comfy sofas and expansive kitchens straight out of a Nancy Meyers movie. 

Picking the right farmhouse colours

Image credit: Comfort Works partnership

The easiest and most classic way to achieve the modern farmhouse look is by starting with a neutral base. Traditionally, this means whitewashed walls, which also simulates the effect of plenty of sunlight streaming through your windows. Playing with a range of different whites and neutrals makes the look more contemporary and interesting. Try creams, very faint pink tones and warm greys for your base, then add in some accent colours. 

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Blush pinks and sage greens are easy, popular colours to add in, but you can also go bold with deep blues and greens, dark greys and even a few hits of black. The contrasting colours make the look modern, rather than traditional country. 

Farmhouse cheat: Paint the walls white for an instant refresh and extra light reflection

The best farmhouse materials

Image credit: Comfort Works partnership/The Farmhouse Life

Wood is a non-negotiable for the modern farmhouse look. Whether that’s in wooden ceiling beams, wide-planked hardwood floors, a glowing kitchen counter, cabinet fronts, tables or antique dressers, wood should be at the forefront of your design. 

Keep your wood tones light (dark woods can make the design feel dated) or distressed. This is a great time to go secondhand over flatpack – vintage and antique pieces of furniture will really elevate the look, add authenticity and help to create that worn-in, home-like environment.

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Image credit: Mark Mccammon/Pexels

It’s not all about wood though. Glossy white tile is a great way to add some shine, especially in the kitchen, and you can bring in the modern element with sparing touches of metal and concrete (without going all-out industrial). Try brushed metal accents like statement pendant lights, or swapping out your sink fittings for brushed brass or matte black tapware. (Speaking of sinks – a wide, deep farmhouse sink in white porcelain is also a signature part of the look.) Exposed brick and polished concrete can also diffuse any chintzy vibes you might be worried about, while wicker and rattan can help to soften the overall look. 

Farmhouse cheats: Swap out photo frames for light wood to add wooden accents to the walls, and add storage and texture with big wicker baskets

Farmhouse-style fabrics

Image credit: Comfort Works partnership/Mum Little Loves

Getting your textiles right is key to hitting the right note between cool and cosy. Light linens, cottons and canvases in whites and off-whites are great for achieving the farmhouse look.  And don’t underestimate the power of a velvet accent – in small doses like scatter cushions, throws or even an armchair, velvet can add warmth and texture to a modern farmhouse look.

Changing out fabrics and soft furnishings is a relatively simple way to nod to the farmhouse look without having to buy new furniture or redo your floors. Look to wafty linen curtains (layer them up with blackout blinds if you’re blessed with lots of sunlight or nosy neighbours), chicly crumpled tablecloths and crocheted throws. The great thing about this trend: the look is worn-in, not crisp, so you don’t have to spend too much time with the steam iron. 

Image credit: Comfort Works

A cosy, overstuffed sofa is a stalwart of the farmhouse look but if you’re not in the market for a new sofa right now, it’s really easy to turn any sofa into a farmhouse style by just swapping up the slipcovers. A set of linen slipcovers changes up the look of any sofa instantly, is much cheaper than a new sofa, and can be thrown in the washing machine when need be. 

Farmhouse cheat: Turn any sofa into a farmhouse sofa with beautiful linen covers

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