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Backamo vs Backa differences

Backa vs Backamo: Differences? Can their Covers be Swapped?

If you’re wondering if your Backa 2.5 seater sofa covers can fit your Backamo 3 seater or vice versa, then you’re at the right place.

Alternatively if you just want to know what’s the difference between a Backa 2.5 seater and a Backamo 3 seater because they look so damn similar, we’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know in this one blogpost.

Backamo vs Backa differences
Backamo 3 seater and Backa 2.5 seater differences

Both models have been discontinued for quite some time already, so you won’t be able get replacement slipcovers from IKEA anymore but you can definitely get them from us here:

*Note: Our Backa 2.5 sofa covers are made with pleated skirts like the Backamo 3 seater by default as we think it just looks more sophisticated overall – it’s still no problem if you wish to flaunt your sofa’s legs, just drop us a note and we’ll do it for you 🙂

Backa 2.5 after in Kino Charcoal
Our Customer’s transformed Backa 2.5 seater

At a quick glance, the Backamo 3 seater and Backa 2.5 seater are very similar in shape and size with their rounded arms, straight back and throw pillows functioning as back pillows. As you can see from the above image comparison though, the Backamo can be easily differentiated by its original slipcover that comes with pleated skirting. The Backa on the other hand, has no skirt nor pleats to begin with.

Backamo 3 seater sofa cover in Kino Charcoal
Our Customer’s transformed Backamo 3 seater

Sofa Dimensions and Measurements

The Backamo 3 seater (as the name implies) is slightly larger than the Backa 2.5 seater despite the slight illusion given from the above 3D images.

The Backamo 3 seater measures at an overall:
– Width: 212cm x Depth: 94cm x Height: 73cm, while;

The Backa measures in at an overall:
– Width: 196cm x Depth: 94cm x Height: 73cm.

Another easy mode of reference would be to check out the seat cushion measurements:

  • Backamo 3 sofa seat cushion dimensions: 83 x 72 x 16cm
  • Backa 2.5 sofa seat cushion dimensions: 76 x 79 x 14cm

So to answer the question, “Can a Backamo 3 seater slipcover fit a Backa 2.5 seater sofa cover and vice versa?”

The short answer is no – see image reference below.

Backamo 3 seater covers on a Backa 2.5
Backamo 3 seater covers on a Backa 2.5 sofa

The result would be as expected, the entire sofa cover would be a good 15cm or so wider and the seat cushions would be somewhat loose or awkward fitting. Not to mention, you’ll be missing (or gaining) an extra 2 back pillow covers should you ever get the wrong model.

Once again, if you ever need help identifying a sofa – do shoot us a photo at and we’ll always try to help you out, pinky promise!

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  • by Celeste
    Posted 2016-02-28 12:32 PM 0Likes

    Do you customize sofa cover other than its mentioned on your website?
    My sofa measures
    Grand Sofa Overall: 93″ w x 41″ d x 35″ h
    Diagonal Depth: 30″
    Seat: 83″ w x 24″ d x 18″ h
    Arms: 5″ w x 22″ h
    Legs: 3.75″ tapered sq x 5.5″ h
    Frame Back Height: 33″

    Please let me know your quotes. Thanks,

    • by Chuck Lau
      Posted 2016-02-29 9:39 AM 0Likes

      We sure do Celeste!

      A ballpark figure for a custom slipcover of that size would be US$527 in or 100% cotton Gaia fabrics; pricing includes both workmanship, fabric for the entire set as well as simple customisations such as piping and pleated skirts.

      First things first though, we’ll need a photo of your sofa to see if it’s something we’re able to slipcover over – so do email it to us at and we’ll start from there 🙂

      Hope to hear from you soon!

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