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dagarn sofa featured from IKEA

The Dagarn IKEA Sofa Review!

We’ll be reviewing this cute little number today – the IKEA Dagarn Sofa. Let’s find out whether it’s worth the money, shall we?


First of all, I’d have to say that not everyone agrees with this sofa. Based on the few people we have at the office, it’s been pretty much a sound “It’s so cute!” or “Oh my God what’s that”. I personally think it’s alright and if you’re going for a retro-futuristic look, it might actually work out quite well in the basement. But if you’re going for a sustainable look for the rest of your life – probably better to get something more neutral.

As of now, the Dagarn only comes in two sizes – the sofa, and the loveseat with chaise. It also only comes in two colours, the Kimstad Black and the Kimstad Turqoise.

dagarn kimstad black loveseat with chaise

Dagarn sofa in turqoise

At a single glance, the Dagarn really doesn’t look that bad at all – it has very rounded edges, which is what makes it retro, cute and cosy looking all at the same time. Contrary to our review of the Kivik series, the Dagarn gives a pretty Dagarn good first impression.

On second sight though, this is probably not a sofa you’d want to put in the middle of your room as the back has cording that isn’t symmetrical.

dagarn piping back

So if you’re OCD like me, I’d probably think of another sofa. The funny thing is that this asymmetrical piping is only on the sofa, and not the loveseat with chaise!


I’m not sure why they put the Dagarn next to the Leather Kivik, but it was very natural for me to use it as my main sofa reference for comparison. The Kivik had always been comfy for me hands down, and sitting on the Leather version didn’t make a huge difference. The faux leather was soft on the Kivik while the Dagarn seat cushions were very hard and comfortable.

It was a very acceptable height for me (5 ft 5″ / 165cm) however, as my legs could comfortably reach the ground while my head rests on the back cushion frame – so it’s good for a quick nap.

In a small sense I probably wouldn’t put this in my home, but it’s something I might put in the waiting room of a clinic.


Given that it is faux leather made of 70 % polyester, 30 % cotton and 100 % polyurethane coating – spot cleaning something like this would be incredibly easy. But with any IKEA showroom, you know that it’s bound to get some stains on it somehow like so:

stained dagarn seats

Eww indeed. Of course, if you were to wipe the spills immediately there shouldn’t be any stains but unfortunately – not every mother has that kind of luxury!

Where cleanliness is concerned, it actually gets worse and I’ll spare readers from more unappetising pictures. Essentially because the corners are so rounded, the crevices are incredibly hard to reach and clean – meaning all those dirt, dust, coins, gummy worms are inevitably going to end up getting stuck in the sofa itself. The sofa is completely upholstered, so it’s also not as simple as taking out its covers to wash it.

I’m sorry to say this, but it just isn’t Dagarn practical enough for me.


Lastly and most importantly, the sofa is priced at US$599 while the loveseat + chaise is going at US$699. Personally I feel that it’s quite affordable for something in bycast leather, but weighing everything out I’d rather go with the Norsborg IKEA Sofa for the same price. Read our review for the IKEA Norsborg here.


Here’s the breakdown:
– Aesthetics: 6.5/10
– Comfort: 5/10
– Functionality: 4/10
– Price: 5/10

Overall, I personally wouldn’t put a Dagarn sofa in my own home but might consider it for office use. In the long term though, I don’t think it’ll be able to stay clean for several years of normal household usage.

But that’s just what I think 🙂

Agree, or disagree – let me know in the comments below!

Image credits:
Featured image taken from IKEA US

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  • by Bill Creamer
    Posted 2016-10-08 5:09 AM 0Likes

    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on some aspects of this sofa.

    I have this sofa, really just a love seat, in the middle of the room in my condo separating the dining area from the “living” room. I think it looks fantastic! I replaced an 8 year old dark brown microfiber sofa from West Elm. The room is now much brighter and consequently looks bigger. In a 750 sq. ft. condo, this is a plus I hadn’t expected. Being relatively small,l it fits the size of the room perfectly without overwhelming you like a bigger sofa would.

    Except for the overly analytical, I don’t think anyone is going to notice the piping issue you mentioned, or they will simply think it’s a design feature. I’ve found, in my experience, that most people go with their first impression of home decor, and don’t look too deeply at the details.

    It is a very cute sofa with some actual style. I prefer the faux leather for it’s easy clean properties. I don’t have any non adults living or visiting me, so I expect this sofa to last a while, but not as long as something that wasn’t made of particle board.

    I wasn’t looking for the last sofa I’ll ever buy, and if I was, I wouldn’t be buying something from Ikea. This sofa in turquoise is very NOW, and that’s part of what I like about it. It also goes very well with my late Art Deco dining set and all the other Deco furniture and art I have. So it works for me.

    I may change the leg height, because even though I’m short at 5’7 I’d like a little more height to make it a bit easier to get out of the deep seats – although other sofas had deeper seats when I was looking for a sofa. Most younger short people won’t have any problem getting in and out of it.

    Putting the sofa together was a bit of a bear, in part because the arms are over stuffed (in a good way) and the bolt holes don’t immediately line up. In some instances we had to use the included bolts to pull the threaded bolts thru enough, then unscrew them and put the washers on, but in the end it all came together nicely.

    For an Ikea sofa I think it’s a good value at its price point. To get something this size, in this fabric faux leather, and with this really nice retro styling from another manufacturer, I’d expect to pay much more.

  • by Mary
    Posted 2016-10-09 7:28 PM 0Likes

    The reasons you don’t like it are why I DO like it. You describe it as futuristic that’s exactly what my décor is. It is in my living room and it brightens up my space. Also the piping is hardly noticeable and I am OCD as well. Comfy and cool.

  • by John
    Posted 2017-05-11 2:51 AM 0Likes

    Apparently it’s discontinued now. I was thinking of buying the one with the chaise and assembling it without the chaise part to make it an oversized club chair. I looked at the instructions and it seems that it can be done, I’m just not too keen on paying almost $1000 (in Canada) for extra parts I won’t use. Too bad because it would suit my décor nicely. I really wish IKEA would make a club chair version of the KLIPPAN…

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