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Fall Tartan Blanket With Coffee And Fall Leaves

Fall is around the corner, and you may find your home decor at odds with lingering summer vibes. 

As the cooler weather rolls in, it is time to swap out sunny colours and warm vibes for the cosy ambience of fall. This doesn’t mean that every part of your living room needs to be changed, though. You’d be surprised at how much of your decor may be reused. 

The secret to this transformation is to make subtle changes that incorporate key seasonal accents into your living space. 

Keep the soft whites, beige tones, and natural textures 

White Soft Indoor Furnishing

One of the main benefits of a neutral colour palette is how seamlessly it can transition from one season to another. Neutral palettes are easy to pair with more vibrant Fall accents and decorations.

Breathable materials like cotton and linen are great at temperature-regulating during the hot seasons, but can also keep us warm and cosy during colder times. This makes them totally suitable across Summer to Fall!

Adding a little (pumpkin) spice to stir up Fall feels

Natural Fall decoration pumpkins corn husks dried leaves

Utilise the classic elements of Fall like fallen maple leaves, dried branches, DIY wreaths, white and orange pumpkins, pine cones, acorns, corn husks (and more). Natural materials like these add a warm, rustic vibe to your home, and are a more authentic and eco-friendly way of keeping to the theme. 

Pair these elements together as decoration with your basic neutral tones and textures to create the ultimate Fall environment in your home.

The living room 

Image credit: Comfort Works partnership/Mum Little Loves

Soft furnishings 

Keep the white linen (or cotton) couch covers for that farmhouse look, and throw a tartan blanket over the couch with a couple of extra scatter pillows to keep warm. 

If you’re looking for a quick transformation, our sofa covers come in several natural fabrics which are perfect for Fall! Custom make your own sofa cover in linen or cotton, or try velvets and leathers for a bolder look.  


Add gourds and dark coloured candles on the coffee table, along with pine cones and acorns. Liven up the fireplace mantle with a DIY grapevine wreath, orange and white pumpkins, acorns, dried branches from outside or dried maple leaves. 

Fall fireplace mantle decorations

The bedroom  

Fall theme bedroom decor

Soft furnishings

Keep the white sheets and curtains, and throw some extra rugs around the bedroom floor for warm, cozy feelings.


Add an extra checkered blanket over the bed, perhaps even another pillow here and there in a darker coloured fabric (such as burnt orange or rusty red). 

Throw a table runner or a checkered blanket over your dressing table. Include fall-themed decorations such as small gourds, pumpkins, dried flowers and branches and more.

The dining room/kitchen 

Fall dining table setup

Soft furnishings

Lay a table runner across the table. This could be tartan, checkered, or plain, as long as it stands out from whatever colour your table may be. If your dining chairs are roomy enough, you could even add some seat cushions for extra cozy vibes.


Next, make a table centerpiece with long dried branches. You could add anything to it: dried maple leaves, acorns, pine cones, corn husks or more twigs, even. 

Add some tall dark candles to the middle of the table if possible. This is an elegant yet simple setup which should set the mood for Fall season meals with family and friends.

Put gourds and small white pumpkins on the kitchen counters and shelves (these are easy to slip in anywhere and instantly change the look of a space!)

Fall kitchen counter decorations pumpkins gourds leaves

The bathroom 

soft furnishing in the bathroom for fall season

Soft furnishings

Swap out your floor mats for extra thick rugs. Thick rugs don’t just look cosy, but they also allow anyone using the bathroom to keep their feet warm.

Add extra hand towels for guests, mixing in warm fall colours with your usual colour palette. 


Brighten up the atmosphere with fresh fall flowers (such as marigolds or chrysanthemums).  

Hang up a dried wreath by the window, if there is one! Otherwise, you could do with a candle by the sink where the flowers are.

Woman decorating her home with fall candles and decoration

At the end of the day, your choice of decor is completely up to you. Some may go all out and buy a whole house’s worth of new decorations and even furniture – but it doesn’t always have to be expensive or extreme. 

Most of the things in your home can be swapped around, mixed, and matched to create the perfect atmosphere for Fall. A good cheat is to get slipcovers for your sofa, which you may easily remove and switch up as the seasons change.