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Chenille vs velvet: Which is the right sofa fabric for you?

You want a sofa that is soft to the touch, luxurious to look at and easy to take care of. We got you. In fact, we got you several times over. All Comfort Works sofa fabrics are soft, beautiful and machine-washable.

But our newest fabric’s particular brand of low-maintenance luxe has a lot of people asking: What is the difference between Comfort Chenille and Classic Velvet? And which is the right one for me? Read on for answers. 

What is Comfort Chenille? 

Comfort Chenille in Dusty Rose. Image credit: Comfort Works

Comfort Chenille is our take on the classic chenille fabric. Chenille is known for its soft, plush texture, with a fuzzy pile reminiscent of caterpillars (guess what ‘chenille’ means in French?) The way we make it, it’s the ultimate adaptable sofa fabric. Its unique composition mean it works for any season, while its beautiful look and feel lend themselves to any style. 

Read all about Comfort Chenille here!

What about Classic Velvet?

Classic Velvet in Cobalt. Image credit: Comfort Works

Classic Velvet is one of our most popular fabrics. No beating around the bush here – Classic Velvet is a classic velvet, with a silky, soft pile and subtle sheen. The density and length of the pile means you get all of the rich softness you expect from a velvet, with a subtle, sophisticated sheen to the fabric. A Classic Velvet slipcover makes for a bold, stylish look – perfect for bold, stylish homes.  

So what is the difference between chenille and velvet?

Comfort Chenille in Burnt Orange. Image credit: Comfort Works

It’s not always about looks. Even the biggest fabric expert can mistake chenille for velvet and vice versa – the two have so many similar qualities, in particular their soft, fuzzy textures. 

To make matters even more confusing, the term ‘velvet’ is often used to refer to a wide range of textures so long as they’re soft and fuzzy. 

So what’s the real difference?

The key determinant lies in how the fabrics are woven. While both chenille and velvet are fuzzy to the touch, the methods used to create that fuzz are quite different. Velvet is a woven, tufted fabric, so its fuzz is created by cut threads that are evenly distributed through the weave, creating a dense, regular pile.

Chenille is also woven, but its fuzzy texture is caused by its nap, which is created when the finished fabric is gently brushed, teasing out fibres for a silky feel. Chenille’s nap is usually much finer than velvet’s pile. 

Are Chenille and Velvet made of the same fibres?

Classic Velvet in Emerald. Image credit: Comfort Works

Most velvet fabrics are made solely of polyester fibres, but our chenille is woven with a blend of polyester, acrylic and linen fibres that make it incredibly versatile and plush.

In fact, compared to our Classic Velvet, our new Comfort Chenille has a fine, soft, and fuzzy texture which gives it its incredibly stylish look. Classic Velvet’s pile is made up of slimmer and longer fibres, which contribute to its sleek, sophisticated look. These fibres are also what necessitate a little bit of extra care. Which brings us to… 

How do I look after a velvet sofa?

We have a saying around here: “Treat velvet like an expensive cat.”

Our Classic Velvet sofa covers are, like all of our covers, machine washable. But like cats, they do benefit from a regular brush, especially as they’re drying from said machine wash.

On the other hand, Comfort Chenille is as low-maintenance as they come. Its strong, durable weave is wrinkle-resistant, so you’ll never have to spend time ironing it. Our chenille sofa covers will stay soft and smooth, wash after wash. 

What colours do your chenille and velvet sofa covers come in?


Classic Velvet colours. Image credit: Comfort Works

Our Classic Velvet range comes in six bold shades. There’s Storm, a deep, dark grey. Ash, a sophisticated silver. Turquoise, a lively, bright blue-green. Emerald, a jewel-toned green. Cobalt, an eclectic blue. And our newest offering: Forest Green, a beautiful, classic deep green. 

Comfort Chenille colours. Image credit: Comfort Works

Comfort Chenille comes in a contemporary array of neutrals. Pebble, a cool-toned light grey. Cream, a warm off-white. Sandstone, a calm, light beige. Dusty Rose, a stylish grey-toned blush pink. Purple Mauve, a soothing purple shade with hints of brown. And Burnt Orange, a statement shade of rust.

Which colour is the best fit for your home? There’s only one way to find out. Get our fabric samples sent straight to your door so you can see and feel them in person – and find the perfect fabric for your space.