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Leather Klippan Red

Leather Klippan Red

So recently we’ve been getting quite a few enquiries from the original (faux) leather Klippan owners on whether we can custom make slipcovers for them or if our current Klippan slipcovers can fit their leather Klippan sofa.

Well, the only difference between the faux leather Klippan and the fabric Klippan is that the faux leather version is actually upholstered and as such doesn’t have velcro attached to the base of the sofa. Whereas for the standard Klippan, the velcro can be found on the underside of the frame.

Does that mean I can’t use your custom slipcovers?

Of course you can! Thankfully, we have 2 types of slipcovers for the Klippan:

  1. The standard snug Klippan sofa covers (with velcro) and;
  2. The Klippan Long skirt slipcovers.

If you own the original faux leather version of the Klippan, we would recommend getting the long skirt slipcovers, as we don’t need to consider the presence of velcro when putting on the covers.

Klippan Long Skirt Grey Charcoal Gaia
Custom Long Skirt Klippan covers in Gaia Charcoal + contrast white band


But I like the original faux leather Klippan – any other options?

If the long skirt isn’t your style, you can still get the snug fit, but it would require a bit of DIY on your part – here’s how!

Firstly, when you get your standard custom Klippan slipcovers and put them on and you’ll notice that the covers have the soft side of the velcro at the corners which are supposed to be attached to the underside of the sofa, but your leather Klippan sofa would not have the corresponding (hard/hook) velcro to match the covers, and therefore won’t be able to secure the fabric to make it look snug.

So we’ve come up with a 3-step tutorial on how to fit our standard Klippan slipcover on your faux leather Klippan!

Tools required: Staple gun and Velcro Strips (Hard/Hook)

Step 1: Put on the covers, and mark where the velcro are supposed to stick on the sofa base

Staple gun

Step 2: Bring out the staple gun (or glue gun) to staple the hard/hook side of the velcro onto the sofa base to match the covers

velcro strip

Step 3: REJOICE! Because now you can fit any Klippan Slipcover onto your sofa, especially the one you got from us!

stapling velcro

Do I need to remove the leather before I put on the slipcovers?

Nope, our Klippan covers are made to go over the leather upholstery. If you’re worried about fabric slipcovers being slippery on the leather, rest easy as you can tuck in the fabrics at the corners of the sofa as deep as you can and it would stay on pretty snugly – tried and tested.

Alternatively, you can get some non-skid pads from your local hardware store which cost about $10, cut them to size and put them on the leather seats before covering them with the slipcovers.

What about leather on leather?

If you had the original leather Klippan and wish to replace it with leather, we have our very own bycast leather collection – the Modena (Black or White) or Urbanskin (Dark Brown) that you can consider.

We understand the feeling of having a modern, sleek leather couch in your house and that’s probably why you got the faux leather Klippan in the first place! Kindly note though that, the leather slipcovers are only available in the snug fit and not the long skirt slipcovers because loose leather is not appealing. So you’ll need to go back to our 3-step tutorial to attach some velcro to your sofa.

You can also read more on how to fit leather slipcovers over your Klippan once you’ve attached the velcro to the underside of your leather Klippan.

Custom Leather Cover, Modena White on Klippan
Custom Leather Cover, Modena White on Klippan

Whether you have IKEA’s faux leather Klippan or the standard version, we’ve pretty much got you covered (pun intended as usual) – head over to our website to design your own custom Klippan slipcovers now, or drop us a note at if you have any enquiries 🙂

Klippan Long Skirt Grey Charcoal Gaia

Till next time, happy designing!