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6 IKEA Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know About

As every dog owner will tell you, their fur kids are practically family.

From sharing a home to having a special place in your heart, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to pamper your dog.

That includes making your home more dog-friendly.

As much as we love our fur babies, living with them can prove challenging especially if they’re allowed indoors. Pretty soon, you’ll find hair latched on to every single thing. Then there’s the issue of toilet training the dogs, eating spaces, and more.

But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort, design, and — most importantly — cleanliness. We’ve rounded up some IKEA hacks every dog owner should know about, which we think you’ll find quite useful:

HACK #1: Get Sofa Slipcovers For Easy Maintenance

Large types of furniture such as beds and sofas can be a hassle to clean. But we have a solution for sofas: slipcovers.

Not only can slipcovers breathe new life into your older sofas, but they’re also easily removable if they get stained or dirty. Just toss them into the washing machine and call it a day.

Also, plus points include having a multitude of designs and fabrics to choose from.

HACK #2: Add A Throw To Your Sofa

6 IKEA Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know About

Are slipcovers not enough to protect your sofa from the wrath of your dog’s fur? Fret not — simply get a blanket throw and drape it onto your sofa.

Not only will you get instant cosiness, but the throw also adds an extra layer of protection that will catch any drool, treats and dog hair that latch on during cuddle time.

HACK #3: Change Your Furniture Legs To Metal Ones

6 IKEA Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know About

While wooden furniture legs are more common, if your dog has a tendency to chew on your furniture legs, it might be a better idea to switch to metal ones.

Metal legs are sturdier, won’t scratch as easily, and will deter your dog from wanting to chew on them.

But if your dog isn’t prone to chewing on furniture legs and you’re still keen on changing to new ones, we have some options for you as well.

HACK #4: Use A Low Pile Rug

6 IKEA Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know About

A fluffy rug may feel nice on the feet, but they may not be the most ideal when you have an equally fluffy dog around the house.

Hair gets entangled with the rug, and it becomes hard to tell which is the rug and which is the dog.

A low pile rug will be your saviour here. It’ll be easier to pay attention to when dog fur starts to build up, thus making it easier to clean.

HACK #5: Hide Your Cables

Got a dog that just loves to sink its teeth into your cables, especially your phone ones?

Here’s a tip: keep it out of sight. Better still, charge your phone from your sofa with our smart USB Sofa Cover.

Now when you order one of our slipcovers, you have the option of adding in a built-in USB port and wireless charger.

Keep your smartphone juiced up while being able to stay on the sofa as your fur kid sleeps on your lap. Better still, they won’t be able to get to your charging cables.

HACK #6: Pick The Right Fabric For Your Sofa

6 IKEA Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know About

Don’t just pick any kind of sofa fabric if you want something that will work well for both you and your dog.

Our recommendations? A velvet fabric (like our Rouge), leather or premium cotton such as our Madison will be perfect for homes with dogs who like snuggling on the sofa. 

These materials are tightly-woven, which means that claws won’t get stuck, and your fur kid won’t rip a hole in your brand new sofa. 

Thinking of making your home more pet-friendly? Start with your sofa by giving it a machine-washable sofa slipcover. Take our slipcover fabrics for a test run here: