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If you’ve been on the hunt for a couch that’s all dressed in linen, then you may have been disappointed to find that there simply isn’t an easy and affordable way to get one. 

Other than tossing out your beloved old couch and simply purchasing one that comes in linen, the only other way to get your dream couch would be to buy a set of linen slipcovers.

Either way, neither of these would be the most affordable solution. At least, not for something that looked and felt good.

If this all sounds too familiar to you, then prepare for some great news! We’ve got you covered… or should I say slipcovered with our latest fabric line: Everyday Linen.

What’s Everyday Linen? It’s our linen-cotton blend that’s the perfect combination of comfortable, luxurious, and affordable. And it doesn’t sacrifice any of the charm and coziness of premium linen!

Best part is, you can get Everyday Linen slipcovers tailor made to fit your couch, dining chairs or cushions (anything that can be slipcovered really). All far more affordable than buying new furniture too.

Excited yet? There’s more! Stick around and find out what makes this linen so special:

Comfortable and affordable, with all the luxury of linen

our everyday linen fabric

Pure linen on a couch is as luxurious as it gets, but let’s face it – it’s not cheap. In fact, our 100% linen fabric is the most costly option to get one of our slipcovers in.

That’s why Everyday Linen was introduced; to give everyone the opportunity to experience all there is to love about a linen couch without emptying the wallet.

Created from a blend of 55% linen and 45% cotton, Everyday Linen is natural, comfortable and most importantly: breathable. It’s the ideal fabric for year-round use as it gracefully adapts to the various seasons. 

That means saying no to sweat patches on your couch that resemble the outline of a crime scene when it’s hot and humid. And come winter time, the fabric won’t be freezing cold to the touch, keeping the couch warm and snuggly. 

Simply put, it’s linen you can live on.

Deliciously shabby-chic

Not only does Everyday Linen capture the soft feel of premium linen, but looks just like it as well. So don’t be surprised if it completely transforms the personality of your couch. In all the right ways, that is 🙂

Elegant with an appearance that doesn’t try too hard, the linen look was made popular by Rachel Ashwell in her book “shabby chic”, which quite literally means worn-in (shabby) and elegantly stylish (chic).

How does shabby-chic look like? Look no further than the farmhouse style living room that has exploded in popularity. Getting this look may be why many of you might be looking for a linen slipcover in the first place.

The reason why linen goes hand-in-hand with this type of decor is due to its rustic crinkles and laid-back earthy colors. It’s the go-to couch material to tone down the formality of any living room and make it more homely.

Just like a button-down shirt with rolled up sleeves, it’s grown-up, classy, relaxed and easy to pair with many different outfits.

That means even if you’re not trying to turn your living room into the next feature of farmhouseliving, there are still many ways to make Everyday Linen shine in your living space.

For example, try ironing it on low heat for a sleek, refined look, or skipping the iron altogether to go shabby chic. 

But before all that, make sure to choose a color that will suit your living room. Sticking to its rustic roots,  Everyday Linen comes in beige, hazel, charcoal and off-white. 

You can even get samples before making your decision for some touchy feely action…. or you know, to lay on your couch and compare colors.

Tailor-made and unique

slipcovers are made-to-measure and perfectly fitting

Don’t break up with your old couch just because it didn’t come in the fabric you wanted. Give it an upgrade instead! 

As a reward for not kicking it out, your newly slipcovered couch will be even better than any linen couch you might find in the store (which by the way are also linen blends).

Not only do you save big by buying just the fabric slipcovers instead of the entire couch, but you’ll also guarantee that you and your butt enjoys the rest of the couch as well. 

It’s still your old familiar couch on the inside after all.

Of course, your upgraded couch will look the part as well – we guarantee it. Like a well-tailored suit, we craft custom bespoke covers for your couch to preserve those clean, gorgeous lines.

And if you’re wondering how clean and gorgeous we’re talking, head on over to our Instagram (@comfortworks) to check out some of our work, straight from the living rooms of our customers!

Easy-breezy maintenance

Not sure if you want the trouble of maintaining such a classy fabric on the couch? It’s a very realistic worry, especially for the brave souls out there who are considering the off-white option.

Just imagining those big, red bolognese stains slowly seeping in and ruining your new couch fabric would make anyone squeam.

Luckily, we can cut past the horror-talk and enjoy nice things for a change because Everyday Linen is machine washable!

That’s right, while stains, lint and fur will be all up in the fabric of an upholstered linen couch, these slipcovers have the luxury of being removable for easy cleaning.

Simply slip off the frame and zippered cushion covers and banish the dirt and grime with a quick trip to the washing machine. Do it all in under 15 minutes.

Not only will your couch be cleaner and smell better than it ever has before, but you’ll also have the peace of mind to not baby your dream sofa as much. 

That means more lazy afternoon lounging with your favourite snacks and zero time wondering how to fix a stained couch.

Ready to give your sofa a linen makeover? Learn more about our Everyday Linen slipcovers and the colors you can get them in below:

Discover Everyday Linen