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a white linen sofa made from pure linen

Luxurious and full of character, linen sofas are striking furniture pieces. Not only do they let the world know that you appreciate the finer things in life, but also have a subtlety that doesn’t scream “look at me!”.

That’s why the linen sofa is a classy addition to any living room. Especially with the popular farmhouse style living room that goes perfectly with the shabby-chicness of linen.

To top it all off, linen itself is a functional natural fabric, breathable and comfortable. It’s perfect on the sofa and easy to love by everyone, from the lovers of luxury to the most practical-minded folk. 

Simply put, linen sofas are worth splurging on. 

But is there a way to get a linen sofa without drilling a thousand dollar hole in your wallet? Yes, there is! I’ll show you how to get a linen sofa without buying a new one.

In fact, this linen sofa will be better than anything found in shops — a 100% pure luxurious linen sofa tailored to your very taste. What’s the secret? Tailored linen slipcovers. 

Let’s discover what makes them are so great:

Turn any sofa you want into its linen self

linen ektorp sofa
IKEA Ektorp sofa turned linen

The best thing about linen sofa covers is that they will linenify (yes, now a word) any sofa you choose, as long as it is slipcoverable.

No, not the thin and stretchy $30 slipcovers that you find on social media. We’re talking real bespoke sofa covers that are tailor-fitted for your sofa.

You can slipcover almost any sofa, and you’ll guarantee you and your butt will enjoy the rest of the sofa (and not just the fabric).

Because what’s the point in splurging on great fabric if the sofa underneath isn’t comfortable?

100% pure linen

up close of the linen fabric

Anyone who has perused through the fabric details of most linen sofas sold online will know: they aren’t pure linen.

Oftentimes, the fabric isn’t even half linen and is instead linen blended with lots of cheaper alternatives to keep costs down.

Well don’t settle for the linen look when you can have the real thing instead. That’s 100% pure luxurious linen and all its wonderful properties, on your sofa.

The best part is that you’ll be spending even less than what it cost to buy a new sofa. That’s another one of the many benefits to upcycling your existing furniture.

Easy to clean

how to take care of your linen sofa

What’s better than a linen sofa? A machine washable linen sofa!

Of course, the sofa itself can’t go into the washing machine but the slipcovers sure can. They are pre-shrunk and washing machine friendly.

Slip the  covers on and off in under 15 minutes. Throw them into the wash and banish those grease and pasta stains. Talk about functional AND stylish.

You can even use your couch with its current fabric while the slipcovers are being washed so you’ll always have a place to sit 🙂

Or you could reuse the slipcovers on a replacement couch of the same model in the unfortunate circumstance that your couch spontaneously combusts (and somehow leaves only the slipcovers). Hate it when that happens.

Gorgeous styles

Ever dreamed of having that gorgeous Scandinavian style living room but couldn’t quite get your sofa to mesh with the look?

If there were a way to customise that existing sofa the way you want then you wouldn’t be sofa shopping in the first place. 

The good news is: there is a way to do that! And not only are you given the option to change-up your sofa fabric to linen, but also the entire style of the sofa. All it takes is a little tailoring magic to change the look.

So go farmhouse, go modern, go minimalist or go something completely different with preset slipcover styles. It’s amazing how many different personalities the same sofa can have.

IKEA Soderhamn linen sofa
IKEA Soderhamn turned linen

Less Wasteful

Get everything you want in a linen sofa without sending your old sofa to landfill.

All it takes is a sofa cover, which will make it look like magic has rewound the clock on your sofa. Even if it’s raggy and stained to the point no amount of scrubbing will make it look clean again.

As long as the frame and cushions are holding up, it can be recovered. Oh, as long as it doesn’t smell too bad as well but who’s judging.

Anyway, pay for the fabric instead of the rest of the couch. This way you’ll get what you want without making the planet a dirtier place. 

Waste not, want not!

Ready to turn your sofa into a linen sofa? Learn more about the linen we use, its properties and the colors you can choose from here:

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