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beautiful cat adoption stories

It is always a beautiful thing when you hear cat adoption stories.

While all cats are cute, there’s something beautiful about how a cat finds a new lease of life in a loving family, especially after living a life in the streets or being abandoned.

Here are 8 cat adoption stories that will make your smile, even if you’re having a bad day:

1. Nabi the Sewer Cat in Korea

Nabi was stuck and living in a sewer for two months. While apartment residents would feed the cat, they had no way of getting Nabi out as the sewer opening was only 5cm long.

With the help of a special crew and the apartment residents, Nabi was finally rescued. She was lured away from the narrow sewers towards the manhole where her new owner was calling for her.

Now adopted with the name Bangwool, Bangwool lives happily with the apartment resident who had fed her for two months. She now gets lots of kisses, toys, and a warm home to live in. We’re so happy for you, Bangwool!

2. April the Playground Cat

This little kitten lived in a playground and was wary of humans who went by. Luckily, Brad, who styles himself as the Crazy Cat Man, patiently gave her food and water daily until she was ready to be touched by human hands.

After Brad rescued April and took her home, he was planning to rehome her once she was ready.

Yet, after watching how his cat Tom and April interacted together, he knew that he could not give this cutie away. He made the decision to make April his second cat, and April found her forever home with Brad. Yay, April!

3. Bruno the Standing Cat

One of the most famous cat adoption stories involve Bruno, a Russian Blue cat. A little chunky at 25 pounds when his adoption plea went up in August 2018, Bruno quickly captured the heart of many with his now-infamous standing photo.

Bruno got adopted less than a week later. He now loves living with his parents and brother in Seattle, where his mom sings to him from time to time. 

4. Bowie the Cat with Heterochromia

Bowie was a cat who was abandoned on his own, and later rescued by a vet clinic.

His unusual features of one blue eye and one yellow eye, along with patches on his nose and chin, has made him a little celebrity on Instagram.

His fur parent, Maria, loves sharing photos of Bowie on Instagram. What a long way up from being abandoned!

5. Lizzy the Superstar Cameo

Lizzy, aka OwlKitty, was part of a litter being fostered by Shelby Thorpe. Then known as Sequoia, Lizzy was the only black kitten in the litter of six.

As soon as she was ready to be adopted, her fur parents Olivia Boone and Tibo Charropin immediately scooped her up. Tibo, a professional filmmaker, also catapulted Lizzy to Internet fame by editing her into scenes from famous movies and videos.

Life’s good when you have people who help you on your way to success, and we’re definitely happy Lizzy has loving parents to look after her well.

6.  Crabapple the Feral Kitten

Hannah Shaw, also known as the Kitten Lady, is passionate about rescuing small kittens and fostering them until they are ready to be adopted.

She’s rescued and fostered many a cat, including this little one who went from fiesty to mild after a few days of human socialisation.

View this post on Instagram

This tough guy’s gone all soft 🥰 #crabapple

A post shared by Hannah Shaw (@kittenxlady) on

If you’re looking for tips to rehome a feral cat, Kitten Lady has put in some of her tips here in this useful instructional video on YouTube:

7. Genevieve and Matilda

Jonathan Van Ness is the hairstylist star of Queer Eye, and is also a well-known cat lover. Devastated by the loss of his cat, Bug the 2nd, who fell out an open window, Jonathan decided to give a happy home to two more cats adopted from the Pennsylvania SPCA.

While there is nothing that can take away the hurt by losing one’s pet, giving two shelter cats like Genevieve and Matilda a forever home and looking after them can help heal the pain.

8. Bonus: Dr. Leon Advogato

This kitty may not have been adopted, but at least he’s gotten a job!

Visitors to the Order of Attorneys of Brazil building started filing complaints about a stray cat that was hanging around the reception. In response, the Brazilian law firm decided to give the cat a job – including his very own employee ID – so that Leon would have a legitimate reason to be there.

If you need a cat-torney, Leon is the guy you want. He now stays at the building and is much loved by the employees.

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