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A cute Triceratops on top of the armrest of an Ektorp sofa with a custom sofa cover set in Shire Rust by Comfort Works

Everyone knows the Ektorp sofa. Pleated long-skirt, round arms, a classic look. Is it too dated and unfashionable? I say ‘Yes’, but it doesn’t have to be! But first…

Close-up of a mug saying "But first, coffee" on top of a natural wood sofa armrest tray which rests on an Ektorp sofa in Comfort Works' custom red woollen slipcovers

But how?

With minimal work, that’s how. Simply obtain a set of customised slipcovers, or sofa covers for the non-US, for your Ektorp sofa. We are unashamedly the best (read: only) option for these custom slipcovers 😉

A view of the back cushions of an Ektorp sofa, covered in woollen rust-red slipcovers made by Comfort Works

The covers will arrive at your door in a nice waterproof bag. Inside said bag will be both your covers and the other half of a velcro reel. Replace the loose covers with our tailored slipcovers and flip your sofa on its back. Grab a staple gun and staple the velcro to the underside of your Ektorp, you can adjust the placement of the velcro for a better fit if you wish.

A close-up of both sides of velcro (hook & loop)

We’ll have a nice video up for you soon on this – but in the mean time, here’s some additional shots of our snug fit Ektorp sofa covers in woollen Shire Rust!

Close-up of rust-red woollen slipcovers made by Comfort Works, with a collapsible wooden sofa armrest tray in natural wood colours.
A side view of rust-red woollen custom slipcovers (made by Comfort Works) on an Ektorp sofa with decor in the background
A side angle of the Ektorp sofa with custom tailored sofa covers in rust-red wool, made by Comfort Works
A cute Triceratops on top of the armrest of an Ektorp sofa with a custom sofa cover set in Shire Rust by Comfort Works
A full frontal view of IKEA's Ektorp sofa, in rust-red wool custom slipcovers made by Comfort Works

Enough teasing, show us what it looks like

Sure thing! But first, let me remind me of what the standard Ektorp 3 seater sofa looks like when it’s fresh off the truck from IKEA.

White loose slipcovers on an Ektorp 3 seater sofa, seen from the front.

And here comes the moneyshot.

Rust-red woollen snug fit tailored sofa covers made by Comfort Works, on an IKEA Ektorp 3 seater sofa, with replacement custom stained Walker wooden sofa legs.

And here’s a video if you need more info:

Check out our store for more slipcovers, or drop us an email if you’d like this. It’s practically an alternative to upholstery!