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Minimalist Grey Living Room Decor Ideas

Gloomy skies. Foggy weather. Dull. These scenes come to mind when you think of the colour grey. 

However, grey as a thoughtfully-selected colour palette in the living room is anything but drab. In fact, it can give your space a soothing, minimalist aesthetic that brighter colours wouldn’t be able to.

With that said, trying to achieve an overall look that’s balanced and not dull with grey can be a tricky affair, which is why we’ve compiled our top tips for finding that sweet spot with your favourite shades of grey.

Read on to find out which grey inspiration will suit you best:


1. Sunlit grey

The most uplifting way to use grey at home: With natural light, lots of it.

The result is a stunningly elegant space that looks bright, airy, clean and not even close to dull.

2. Tiny goes grey

You don’t need a big space to make an impact with grey.

A small apartment featuring different shades of this calming hue, peppered with complementary pieces like black-and-white photos, gold-tinted cushion covers and a bright statement light fixture can break things up nicely without you having to try too hard.

3. Grey and girly

Did you know that grey can also be girly?

We didn’t think it was possible until we saw this post that got out creative juices going.

We’re loving how the predominantly light grey, white, and silver palette all seem to complement and complete each other without taking on masculine vibes.

4. Focus on grey centerpieces

If bold is your goal, aim to have dark grey feature pieces like a large bookcase that dominates or a wide, plush sofa that commands attention.

Also, is it just us or does this space completely scream self-assured and sophisticated?

5. Break it up with grey accents

Make the most of your grey streak by breaking it up with a darker accent wall, which can lend a strong, moodier look.

6. Make it luxe

Indulge in rich textures and hues like velvet, brass, plush carpeting and of course, multiple shades of grey that make the most of your palette.

Also, a bold, matte concrete or shiny smooth marble coffee table will make an amazing conversation-starter. 

7. Go subtly SoHo

If you love entertaining guests at home, this look’s for you.

Make like this SoHo-inspired living room and put a bar in it, along with all the other grey accents that lend touches of chic oh-so-easily.

8. Get grey cozy

When in doubt, go for simple lines in multiple shades of grey, contrasted with plush textures and brighter colours that feel cozy and inviting. 

9. Contrast greys with brights

You can make grey your anchor palette and still have fun with more vibrant hues like red, blue or red for touches of avant garde.

10. Bring new meaning to black and white

If you’re a film or photography buff, explore the fascinating space between black and white (read: grey in all its glory) with framed photographs and film memorabilia as your anchor decor, then finish off with accent pieces in the form of bold chairs, geometric patterns and plants.

11. Tease with textures

Embrace your inner minimalist by laying a grey foundation but playing with lines, patterns and textures that you wouldn’t expect to go well together, but ultimately do.

Collectively, they come together to create a luxe minimalist’s dream space.

12. Grey on sharp angles

A true homage to minimalism is grey concrete grey walls that are paired with clean lines of fixtures like cabinets and cupboards, and not much else.

Long, sleek lines like these from the couch, featuring complementary square angles complete this easy, uncomplicated look. 

13. Grey that softens

It’s not just white and beiges that have the ability to create that soft, homey look that makes any space look inviting — the same can be accomplished with grey.

Go for textured greys and patterned rugs, cushions and surfaces that break up the monotony of this neutral, and you’ve got a home inspires and warms the heart, not dull the senses.

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