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IKEA Lugnvik Sofa Bed Review - Distasteful but Practical?

[sg_popup id=”3″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]We briefly reviewed the Lugnvik a while ago when ranking the best sofa to replace the Manstad and the Lugnvik was not the winner.

IKEA Lugnvik sofa bed


I think that design wise, IKEA wanted to keep it simple here, this isn’t really the kind sofa with a Wow or OMG-what-sofa-is-this reaction.  It is not really surprising since IKEA doesn’t go crazy when designing sectional sofas, the only exception would be the Moheda with its classic english round arms (also reviewed in our Manstad Clones post).

The Lugnvik sofa bed is currently available in 2 colors only:  Granån Black and Granån Red, but don’t worry about the lack of color choices, this wouldn’t be an issue anymore since we are launching our Lugnvik custom slipcovers very soon, so stay tuned 🙂

Score: 7/10


Compared to other sectional sofas from IKEA, the Lugnvik is bit different and tricky at first when it comes to converting it to a bed. When first pulling the seat towards you, you will get access to the storage first, in order to complete the transformation of the sofa into a bed, you need to fold the back frame downwards. What I like about the Lugnvik is that the chaise is modular and you can easily put it on a left or right configuration, whatever floats your boat 🙂

Although the Lugnvik is a sofa with a dual function (storage/bed) which makes it very practical, you cannot unfortunately get both functions at the same time, it sucks to know that you have to move from the bed every time you want to access the storage compartment.

Score: 7/10


Here comes the part of testing the Lugnvik, the seating is pretty comfortable but not as deep as we expected it, we liked the height of the armrest, not too short and not too tall. But the pillows are really thin which gives you a feeling that they are  non-existent and will definitely cause you back pain if you lay on them for more than two hours. We highly recommend buying or having additional pillows in order to get enough back support.

The Lugnvik bed isn’t really spacious as there is only enough place for one person. Personally, we wouldn’t use this bed  for an everyday use, it’s best for a guest room if you invite friends every now and then, especially drunk ones 🙂

Score: 5/10

Ikea Lugnvik in Black – Photo credits: IKEA


Costing $499 in USA, €349 in France and $649 in Australia, the Lugnvik is cheaper than most sectional sofa beds from IKEA, and looking at all the functions it has, the Lugnvik is suitable for students and is definitely a sofa to consider if you have have a low budget or a small living space. When talking to some of our customers who own a Lugnvik, they wish it was less cheaper since it doesn’t offer the most durable and comfortable pillows and bed.

Score: 6/10



Well to be completely objective, the Lugnvik sofa bed is exactly what it is – nothing more, nothing less.

Does it allow you to sleep on it? Yes. Is it comfortable, nice to look at or affordable – that’s where it becomes more of a grey area.

Here’s our verdict in summary:

  • Aesthetics: 7/10
  • Practicality: 7/10
  • Comfort: 5/10
  • Price: 6/10

Overall Score: 6.25 /10

We hope this review helps you better with your Lugnvik sofa purchase. Let us know what you think in the comment section, we would also love to hear your experience if you already own a Lugnvik 🙂



We thought of giving this sofa another chance, since it’s actually quite popular and many of our customers have asked for us to create a slipcover?

Lugnvik sofa bed in Kino Khaki slipcovers from Comfort Works