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Ektorp Tullsta in Lino Brushed

Word on the street is that the Ektorp Tullsta sofa covers might fit the Solsta Olarp armchair. Unfortunately this isn’t the case and we’ll tell you why.

Ektorp Tullsta vs Solsta Olarp

First of all, the most obvious difference is that the Ektorp Tullsta would have an elevated back compared to the Solsta Olarp’s flat back.

Secondly, the armrests on the Solsta Olarp are also skinnier compared to the Ektorp Tullsta’s.

Last but not least, when you purchase the Solsta Olarp – you’ll know that it’s an armchair that never came with slipcovers. The Ektorp Tullsta on the other hand, originally comes slipcovered which is why you pay almost double the price of the Solsta Olarp at IKEA.

Not to mention how much more pleasing to the eyes are with the Ektorp Tullsta, I think we can all agree that this armchair has better curves at the right places. See exhibit A below:

Ektorp Tullsta in Lino Brushed
Ektorp Tullsta in Lino Brushed c/o

If you’ve come to this blogpost looking for Solsta Olarp recovery options, fret not as you’ve come to the right place. The Solsta Olarp may not originally come with slipcovers, but we’ve tried our best to create one from scratch for it – ripping bits of the upholstery in the process as well. Here’s a sneak peek at the armchair slipcover in our upcoming wool fabrics:

Solsta Olarp in Shire Mustard

It’s a little wrinkly, but it’ll definitely give your Solsta armchair a few more good years before putting it out of commission. Then again, if the sofa’s still structurally good – all you need is another slipcover to give it another few more good years 🙂

Check out their custom slipcover fabric options here:

Sofa Dimensions and Measurements

So to answer the age old question of whether the Ektorp Tullsta slipcovers can fit the Solsta Olarp, it’s pretty much a straight no due to their structural differences. Here’s a quick comparison in their overall size also, you’ll notice that the Tullsta is slightly larger:

  • Solsta Olarp Dimensions: Width: 66cm, Depth: 62cm, Height: 63cm
  • Ektorp Tullsta Dimensions: Width: 80cm, Depth: 70cm, Height: 77cm

On a side note, we’ve also made the Solsta Olarp armchair similarly to the Ektorp Tullsta as we feel a long skirted cover with pleats and piping does look classier than the original upholstered fit. If you’re looking to do a snug fit, it’s of course possible but do be prepared for some DIY action.

Once again, if you ever need help identifying a sofa – do shoot us a photo at and we’ll always try to help you out, pinky promise!