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10 tiny, inspiring outdoor spaces we love

Having a small space at home can feel restrictive, but not if you decorate it right.

The amazing tiny spaces we’re about to share prove that with a little creative thinking and resourcefulness, even the smallest of spaces can make a big impact.

A garden space with patio furniture

10 Outdoor spaces we've fallen in love with - (Myra Hoefer)
Image credit: Myra Hoefer

Ever notice how your space can appear to be more spacious than it is once you start filling it with furniture?

That’s exactly what interior designer Myra Hoefer did in this tiny patio space in her backyard. Inspired by the way Parisians turn balconies or pathways into ”poetic spaces for lunch, drinks, or dinner”, Myra Hoefer used this cramped space to her advantage by turning it into a cosy gathering area using a couple of Adirondack chairs, and a marble roundtable.

A space-saving balcony nook

10 Outdoor spaces we've fallen in love with (Ryan Phyper)
Image credit: Ryan Phyper

It’s one thing to utilise a tiny space and turn it into a cosy gathering spot. But it’s another thing entirely when you manage to create more space for yourself out of nothing. And that’s exactly what Ryan Phyper did in this tiny outdoor balcony. You can follow his YouTube channel where he outlines the process and the steps needed to create this multifunctional furniture piece.

This wooden piece functions as a seat with a storage compartment, as well as a shelf with enough space to hang things like your plants, lights, and other decorative pieces for your balcony without taking up any unnecessary floor space.

A bar counter along your balcony rail

Image credit: The Balcon-Bar

While we’re still on the subject of creating more useful spaces for our tiny balconies, this nifty shelf which can be mounted on almost any kind of balcony railing helps turn a simple balcony rail into a sturdy bar or countertop that can hold your food and drinks while virtually taking up zero floor space.

This was designed by Arjen and Daan, who are based in Amsterdam. You can find this product and many other balcony friendly furniture pieces on their website.

A wall just for your plants

10 Outdoor spaces we've fallen in love with  (Decora y Vende)
Image credit: Decora y Vende

There’s no such rule that says you need to have a backyard with lots of space in order to have a garden. Which is exactly why we’re in love with the way Ana from  Decora y Vende utilised her tiny space to create a garden wall.

With just a few wall hooks mounted onto her wooden wall panel, along with a few mounted steel planters for her flowers, Ana was able to save herself a ton of space for things like more seats, rugs, and candles for lighting.

A D.I.Y sofa that fits into your space

10 Outdoor spaces we've fallen in love with (Becky, Villa.snowwhite)
Image credit: Villa.snowwhite

If you enjoy a little D.I.Y. challenge for yourself, you could always follow Becky’s lead by making your own sofa using wooden shipping pallets and layering them with seat cushions and throw pillows. What you’ll end up with is an inexpensive couch that won’t just look good, but will feel surprisingly comfortable for your space as well.

A space with foldable furniture

10 Outdoor spaces we've fallen in love with (Antonia Schmitz)
Image credit: Antonia Schmitz

This tiny balcony space was transformed into a beautiful reading nook using a few carefully selected furniture pieces that don’t take up any more space than they need to. Designed by Antonia Schmitz, a stylish home decor blogger. Everything from the Acapulco chair with its thin and minimal legs, to the foldable table in the corner that can be stored away when it’s not being used, helps Antonia find the perfect balance between a functional yet stylish balcony space.

A stylish balcony with a touch of privacy

10 Outdoor spaces we've fallen in love with (@Oliv.home)
Image credit: Oliv.home

We found this amazing balcony transformation created by interior design blogger Olivon her Instagram feed. Once again, we see how versatile wooden pallets can be when it comes to creating a makeshift sofa set.

In this Boho-chic inspired balcony with its hanging bamboo wind chime and chunky woven rug,  Oliv was even able to add a touch of privacy for her balcony using a roll of budget-friendly reed fencing.

A dedicated space for your pets

10 Outdoor spaces we've fallen in love with  (BarkPost Stories)
Image credit: BarkPost Stories

Sharing your apartment with a furry friend? Why not turn your tiny outdoor balcony into a puppy-friendly space with these tips from BarkPost Stories. The tips will walk you through everything from building white picket fences, to decorating the space with synthetic turf and a small garden.  

A space with freestanding walls and floor tiles

10 Outdoor spaces we've fallen in love with (Amanda)
Image credit: Apieceofrainbow

Just because you live in a rental home, doesn’t mean that you can’t add your own little flair to your space.

That certainly didn’t stop Amanda, a D.I.Y enthusiast and interior design blogger who insisted on redecorating her rental space with the help of some wooden pallets, free-standing walls and floating floor tiles. The most impressive thing about this space? Everything can be easily removed and restored to its initial state when it’s time to move.

A space that looks more spacious than it actually is

10 Outdoor spaces we've fallen in love with (Dan Marty)
Image credit: Dan Marty

One of our favourite tricks to help create the appearance of more space is with the help of mirrors. Mirrors do a fantastic job at opening up the visual space of a room, and that’s exactly what interior designer – Dan Marty did to help expand his small patio space where he usually entertains his friends and family in his apartment in L.A.

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