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a tiny sofa in an apartment

Choosing your next sofa is a big decision – let no one tell you otherwise. From brand, to material, to the style of sofa, there’s a lot to get right.. 

Not least of the factors you’ll need to consider when picking your next sofa is how it is going to fit-in with your living space.

“Living space? What living space?” you may ask, looking back at the lack of said real estate in your home.

If this sounds like something that’s all too familiar to your current situation, then this blog post was made just for you! 

Here’s a Comfort Works curated list of the best small sofas to fit any space, along with the things you need to think about before ordering that small sofa.

Stick around and discover:

Before diving right into the list, take some time to learn some of the important factors that goes into picking a small sofa. Some of them are pretty obvious… yet many people seem to forget about them and end up with a headache.

Things to look out for when picking a small sofa


Anyone can find themselves a small sofa, maybe even at incredibly cheap prices. So why shouldn’t you head out and bring home the first one that catches your eye? The main reason is because the quality might not be up to snuff.

If you’re going to buy a sofa then you might as well pick a good one. 

When it comes to judging the quality of a sofa, there’s nothing like looking at the brand to know what to expect. It’s your guide to making sure that your sofa won’t break down in a year or two leaving you with a horrible mess.

More importantly, checking the brand will let you know how they are going to get that sofa to you. Is there anything worse than finding the perfect sofa only to discover that it isn’t something that is available to where you’re staying?

How are you getting it in?

If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance that there isn’t all that much space in the home. Things may be cramped in there preventing you from bringing your favourite new sofa into the living room.

Even if there are no obstructions on the inside, narrow staircases and cramped lifts have ended many a sofa shopper’s hopes and dreams.

To avoid making a costly mistake, always first check whether the sofa can be flat-packed or disassembled. If it can’t then you must be sure that the sofa on its shortest end can be navigated through everything it needs to get through before making the purchase. 

Whatever you do, do not buy a sofa assuming the delivery people will handle the logistics of it all.

That’s it? Yup, there wasn’t a lot there but these two things are the most important things to note before pulling the trigger on your purchase! 

With that, it’s finally time to delve into the “which”. To save you from hours of research, here’s a list of thoroughly investigated and all around great choices to begin with. There’s a category for whatever sofa you might be hunting for as well to narrow your search. 

Starting with:

Best Small IKEA sofa : IKEA Farlov (70″) Loveseat

No sofa list would be complete without featuring at least one entry from the worlds’ most popular sofa brand. So which is it going to be this time?

IKEA being IKEA is no stranger to the demands of sofa-shoppers around the globe. They have something to offer for anyone looking for a couch. Even a sofa that’s clearly designed to be a shelf…

Not sure who is looking for a sofa like this, but here it is anyway
Image Credit : IKEA

For smaller spaces, you’re spoilt for choice by their impressive catalogue. To single out just one from the list would be difficult, but it would have to be the IKEA Farlov loveseat (70”).

At $750, the Farlov is definitely not the cheapest option out there (for IKEA), and yet is so affordable compared to sofas from more upmarket brands. Come on, it’s an IKEA sofa… treat yourself a little 🙂

Yet, the first thing you may notice with the Farlov is that it doesn’t look like your ordinary IKEA piece. It’s got a rather expensive look that would do well in a more grown-up living space.

Need some proof? Notice how its banana-like sloped arms and invitingly plush single bench cushion make the Farlov reminiscent of sofas from much more expensive retailers. Coincidentally, the single bench cushion also makes it one of IKEA’s comfiest couches as well with a deep, soft, and loungy sit to it. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. After living with this couch for a while, you’ll find out that there are many more ways you can “sit” on the Farlov by using the two mini lumbar pillows that come with it.

Prop it against the back for more attentive seating, or prop it on the low armrests and rest your head on it for a quick cat-nap. 

Speaking of napping, the Farlov also shines as a second bed if you can fit on it (it’s much easier if it were the 3 seater version). In fact, the big, plush cushion makes for a better bed than most sofa beds you can find. It’s that great to sleep on. 

And if all the 101 ways to use the Farlov haven’t convinced you that this is the IKEA sofa for you, then know that it is incredibly easy to maintain since the entire sofa is slipcovered. Stains and spills can be stopped in their tracks with a quick trip to the washing machine.

The only small caveat in how great all this sounds is that their selection of slipcovers is limited to the safest, most uninspired options. White, grey and black is nice and all, but there’s so much more you could do with a  fancy couch like this.

Putting the right colors on the Farlov could even get it mistaken for something that belongs at Anthropologie:

Farlov dressed in our classic velvet slipcovers

It’s a bummer, but you can’t have the wildest expectations for a $750 couch and the Farlov already exceeds them. It’s the highly comfortable, feature-rich, small sofa that’s accessible to anyone.

What’s even better is that it comes flat-packed straight from IKEA so you can get it almost anywhere in the world and not have to worry about fitting an entire sofa through the door.

Best Small Leather Sofa : Article Sven 72″

If you’ve stumbled upon some of our other “best sofa” lists, you might have noticed that Article is brought up a lot when it comes to the leather sofa. You just can’t beat the shopping experience, quality, and value that Article offers on their leather sofas. 

When it comes to the Sven sofa, you get all of that and more – which is the reason why it’s Article’s most popular couch. Of course, the star of this show is the 2-seater version of the Sven (72” version), which is plenty compact for your compact sofa needs.

Most leather sofa lovers should know that top-grain or full grain leather is the way to go when looking for a leather couch. It lasts exceptionally long if taken care of, doesn’t flake, and wears in beautifully.

The only downside is that it costs big bucks for quality leather… except for when it doesn’t. And with the Sven, you get a gorgeous mid-century couch upholstered in full-grain aniline or semi-aniline leather (basically the best leather) at just $1799.

If that sounds too good to be true, then in a way it is.

Article has no showrooms or salespeople which allows them to keep the cost of buying their sofas low, which is great. But! You can’t test out their sofas so you’ll have to base your buying decision on online reviews – like this one.

And if you haven’t guessed already, this couch is here for a reason! Not only is it quality at a great price (not to mention classy as heck), but also scores big points in the comfort department.

This might be one of the most comfy couches out there with it’s down filled, soft but springy cushions that seem to hug you. It’s definitely on the softer side of the couch spectrum, but not extremely so by any means.

Pair that with some tactile tufts and a single bench cushion and you’ve got a very snuggly couch. One that is particularly cosy for napping as well if you can fit between the armrests.

Except for those who really enjoy hard sofas, the only issue anyone might have with the Sven is the maintenance required to keep it looking un-frumpy. It’s got wide cushions with down-filling which is prone to making it look a little sad without the regular fluffing.

The other thing to watch out for is the part that involves bringing the sofa into your home. Even if the Sven may come with its legs unscrewed, it is still a rather big package and thus requires due diligence in making sure it can fit through the doorway or through any other obstacles.

But if none of these are a problem for you, then you’ll find that the delivery and buying experience of the Sven is smooth as butter. Article offers free delivery and can get the Sven to you anywhere if you’re living in the US or Canada.

And in the case you ever need to utilize it, their return policy is absolutely incredible which is what has given so many online shoppers the confidence needed to buy a rather expensive couch like this one completely online.

Best Small Sectional Sofa : Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa (80″)

You don’t often find the words “small” and “sectional sofa” in the same sentence. People looking for sectionals usually want something grand and sectionally (now a word) so you can’t go too small with these things.

Thankfully, there’s a sectional that strikes the goldilocks balance between the need to save space and the need for a sectional. 

That’s where Rivet (Amazon’s own furniture brand) and their Rivet Revolve sectional comes in. At just under 80” long, the Rivet Revolve is as small as you’d want it to be for a sectional and yet has everything it needs to be the perfect mini L-shaped couch.

Now, we all know that Amazon has the resources to launch a line of competitively priced furniture… it’s freakin Amazon we’re talking about. But still, $900 for a couch like this is a steal.

At that price you’d be expecting an entry-level couch that’s on par with IKEA but that’s not the case here. It’s even got a design that looks like it would belong in a rather elegant living room.

Just one look will let you know that this couch means business with it’s mid-century, clean-lined silhouette and tapered wooden legs. Those familiar with Rivet will know they specialize in mid-century furniture so this much is expected. 

What is unexpected is how great the build construction is on a couch that’s this affordable. For starters, the frame is completely made of hardwood. Not plywood, not particle board – which is what you’d typically see on IKEA sofas at this price. To make things even more resilient, the couch is upholstered in a thick polyester fabric. 

Yes polyester may get a lot of flak, but the truth is polyester is a very common material on the couch because it lasts, which is precisely what you want this time because the couch isn’t slipcovered and the fabric can’t be replaced.

Us at Comfort Works also do not currently make slipcovers for this couch either but based on everything so far, you’d expect the couch fabric to be sticking around for a long time anyway. 

Basically, what you can expect from this couch is a frame that doesn’t crack, creak or fall apart as well as upholstery that won’t look sad after just a few years. Comfort levels on this couch are pretty great as well with firm-ish cushions that have some spring.

As for downsides, there is one place where the Rivet Revolve sectional falls short and that is when it comes to the “sectional” part of the “sectional sofa”. It’s ability to function as a sectional couch is bare minimum with no modular parts or add-ons.

The chaise cushion can however be shifted around to whichever of the 3 seats of the sofa it needs to be on, but that’s as far as it goes utility-wise. At the same time, that feature is one of the most important since it leaves you with the option to orient the sofa differently around the living room in your quest to save space.

Also, since this is a small sofa list, the lack of sectional upgrades shouldn’t be an issue anyway – how much could you possibly want to expand this sofa?

Finally, the other less than ideal “issue” with the Rivet Revolve is that like Article, you don’t get to test the sofa out. In true Amazon fashion (remember Rivet is an Amazon brand), you’ll have to order this sofa completely online.

Conveniently and equally amusing is the fact that you do that straight from the Amazon website itself. The Rivet Revolve is listed just like any other everyday product and is ordered just like so, which makes for some of the easiest (and weirdest) couch purchasing experiences.

After ordering, expect it to show up on your doorstep one day in the near future. This time, the delivery people will even bring it into your home (if it can fit) and set it up as well!

Best “Smallest” Sofa : Pottery Barn Basic Loveseat (60.5″)

There comes a point when a sofa is less of a sofa as opposed to one big oversized armchair. The Pottery Barn Basic Slipcovered Loveseat is as close as you’ll want to get to that point because when they say loveseat, they really mean it.

As in, you’d just about fit two persons comfortably on this 60.5” (154cm) sofa. 

But other than being able to fit into pretty much anywhere at that size, there’s plenty of other lovable features that makes this more than just “a small sofa”.

Anyone familiar with Pottery Barn will know that their couches are comfy – this one is no different. Overstuffed round arm couches are some of the safest, tried and tested designs which have been around for centuries. It’s got that cloud-like feel that lets you sink into the couch and get comfy.

Because of how popular this type of couch is, almost every big sofa brand has one of these in their lineup, though most will agree that PB is the brand that’s most famous for the look and feel of this sofa type. 

That gets it used as a benchmark against other round arm sofas a lot. So how does it stack up to its competition? Well, it’s significantly more comfortable than its biggest and most compared to rival, the IKEA Ektorp. That’s for sure.

Maybe not three to four times more comfortable than the Ektorp like the price is, but at least 25% more comfy. If that doesn’t sound like a lot remember that the PB Basic also has better build quality than IKEA. 

It’s what’s on the inside that matters 🙂

On the other hand, those who really know Pottery Barn will also know that you should expect to pay a premium for the PB brand name as well, so there’s that. Arguably the name doesn’t do much for you except make some of your friends drool with envy…

The thing that Pottery Barn does get right however, is to create set-it and forget-it couches that will have no problems fitting into your home. Not space-wise in this case, but as a sofa that you’ll want to live with for the foreseeable future.

It is comfy enough so you won’t have any complaints, has a slipcover to make maintenance a breeze, and unlike IKEA offers all the fabrics you could want to create the look that you want in the home.

If there somehow weren’t enough choices, you could also order a hand-crafted slipcover for the PB basic loveseat from us … just sayin.

So, if budget is not the most pressing of issues and you’re looking for the classic grown-up option that “just works ” then the extra you pay for this sofa will be well worth it. Plus, it deserves additional points for being the smallest loveseat on this list.

Best Small Sleeper Sofa : Room & Board Berin (70″)

Many of you in search of a small sofa due to having too little room in the house may already be well-acquainted with the sofa-bed. 

A bed and a sofa combined into one convenient space-saving package? Makes sense! Until you discover how terribly uncomfortable they are that is. And that’s both as a bed and a sofa….

Apparently, space constraints are a problem faced by sofa makers as well. Especially when they need to squeeze a bed into a sofa, often at the cost of other important components like spring support. 

But the good news is that there is a small sofa bed good enough to deserve a spot on this list – both as a sofa and a bed.

Introducing Room & Board’s Berin Sleeper sofa. It’s small, comfy and easy to bring into the home. It’s pretty much perfect… if you’re willing to invest close to $3000 for a great sofa that is.

The Berin can be found in a range of sizes, but the 70” version would be the most appropriate for this small sofa list. But no matter the size, the Berin houses a full-sized mattress which can be popped out and ready to go at a moment’s notice, which is no exaggeration.

The best thing about the Berin is how much attention to detail went into creating the best “sofa-bed experience”. The immediately noticeable difference when plonking on the mattress is that it uses the patented Tiffany 24/7 platform system that is signature to American Leather sleeper sofas.

For those who don’t know, American Leather is famous in the sleeper sofa world and are also the makers of the Berin for Room & Board’s catalogue.

So why is this special system great? For starters it means the mattress folds out onto a tri-fold platform. In English that means no bars that dig into you as you try to get a decent sleep.

To make things  that much more sleeper-sofa friendly for you, the mattress is secured to the frame with zippers and can also fold in and out of the sofa with sheets attached. Oh, and it’s also spring operated so that anyone can transform it from sofa to sofabed (and back) in under a minute. 

If there was only one downside with how it feels to sleep on, it would be that the mattress is on the firmer side which is not going to be a hit for those softer sleepers. A mattress topper would be a good thing to have at the ready for guests.

As a sofa, the Berin is also plenty comfy but does have one noticeable drawback. You probably won’t be moving it around a whole lot considering it’s a whopping 90kg. Those sofa bed mechanisms sure are heavy.

At the same time in a crazy twist of events, the Berin is also one of the most movable sleeper sofas on the market because it can be disassembled (albeit with difficulty). Realistically, it’s more like extreme difficulty to the point that you’d hire Room & Board to move it for you.

This feature does however make it perfect in the event where a full sized sofa would be impossible to get into your living space. Or if you’re planning on moving soon and want something future-proof. 

Other than the price, there’s simply no better alternative for a sleeper sofa that’s actually good at being a sleeper sofa which makes the Berin a worthwhile investment. 

It’s got Room & Board behind it as well which pretty much guarantees you’ll have a pleasant customer experience pre-and post sale.

Best Quality & Best Customizable Small Sofa : Simplicity Sofas Brandon (66″)

Not many people looking for a small sofa would have come across Simplicity Sofas despite the fact that they sell furniture practically made for small spaces. That’s how deep this brand was buried, and it’s a shame.

They just don’t seem to get much attention, despite them putting so much attention into creating the best sofas – and that might be an understatement. They will jump through hoops of fire to see you get the sofa of your dreams.

Ok, maybe not that extreme but it’s not everyday you see the owner of a mid sized company take the time to painstakingly reply to reviews, and directly communicate with customers to explain each type of the many foams they offer for the cushions. 

One look at the reviews of the company will let you know that Jeff, the owner, does all this.

The sofas that Simplicity Sofas build are testament to this. They are comfortable, made to fit into small spaces, and most importantly: built to last. Their Brandon 66” sofa is no different and is a great choice for those who want the “buy it for life” experience for your sofa.

And for those facing problems with bringing a sofa into the home, be rest assured that the Brandon will be easy to carry inside. It’s the first thing they want you to know when browsing through their website:

homepage of simplicity sofas

Message received Jeff! The sofa will fit into practically ANYWHERE you need to get it to.

The secret behind how compact they can pack their sofas lies in the fact that they are modular by design. You receive the sofa flat packed, with minimal effort required to piece it together.

That’s right, just like IKEA. 

But where Simplicity Sofas differs from IKEA is when it comes to the impeccable quality of their couches. The great wall of text on the homepage (right under the picture banner) goes into great detail about this.

Maybe these sofas aren’t as simple as we thought they were

To simplify what this all means, is that each of their sofas have the potential to outlast any readily-available sofa. They use some of the hardest of hardwood for the frame (oak) and 2.5lbs/cu.ft high density foam in their cushions which is way above what you get from the big sofa brands.

When any of the parts break, or in the event of fabric tears, you can even get replacement parts shipped to you since the whole design is modular.

For the Brandon apartment-sized sofa, this all costs just under $1700, which is an absolute steal. Talk about a mid-priced sofa that outdoes high-end brands any day of the week!

Getting back to the sofa itself – what’s it like to sit on? Well, other than the fact that it has a reasonably attentive sit with a 21” seating depth, the rest of the feeling differs from customer to customer.

Magic sofas? Well no.

You see, Simplicity Sofas offers 3 different types of cushions of varying firmness on top of 200+ fabric choices (including leather). The final feeling of the couch will greatly depend on those things, which is why you’ll want to discuss what’s what with them before placing your order.

For those who want to customize and make their own perfect couch, this is like a dream come true. On the other hand, those looking for the no-hassle “already ready” experience might not appreciate this too much. Especially if they are regular victims of choice paralysis.

Whatever it is, what can’t be denied is the fact that Simplicity Sofas builds sofas like how they used to be built in the old days – you know, before everything became a price war. And yet they are somehow still priced very affordably.

So if you’re not put off by the additional work it takes to design your own sofa, saunter on to their website. It may look dated and not exactly inspire the trust and confidence involved when making a completely online purchase, but that’s probably because they have their priorities set on building some damn good sofas.

Bring your sofa to life with a custom slipcover

Not all sofas you see can be slipcovered, but we believe when they can be – they should be. Just like dressing up for the occasion, the sofa should too!

If you’ve found the perfect new sofa for the home but can’t seem to get it to jive with the rest of your interior, then consider getting a tailor-made slipcover for it.

No one would expect that this is a Stocksund sofa from IKEA

Not only will your new sofa look one of a kind, but will also be protected from stains, dirt  and rambunctious children looking to use it as the next blank canvas! The best part is, if those things do happen, all you will need is a simple trip to the washing machine to banish those problems like they never happened. 

Interested to find out what we can do for your sofa? Check out the list of brands we make hand crafted slipcovers for below!