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Rouge Indigo Sofa Slipcover by Comfort Works on IKEA Norsborg with Stella IKEA Replacement Sofa Legs

When it comes to upgrading your beloved IKEA sofa, there are generally two ways to create the transformation you want.

Your first option is to change its exterior by upholstering it (be warned: it’s expensive, requires hauling your sofa out of your home, and can take months).

Or, you could dress it up with a slipcover. This option will probably set you back about a quarter of the cost of upholstering, your sofa stays where it belongs―in your living room, and it’ll typically take just minutes to install.

The other option (tip: it goes really well with option number two!) is to give your sofa legs if it doesn’t already have any, or if it does, change them up altogether.

Which brings us to our latest exciting new unveiling: Our sleek and sexy new sofa legs.



cooper cherry beech black white ikea replacement sofa legs

If you love the look of a low, big, chunky sofa that feels like a big, warm hug from your grandma when you fall into it―gracefully, of course―at the end of a long day, then you’ll love the bold, robust and substantial Cooper.


stella cherry beech black white ikea replacement sofa legs

Take your sofa to new heights (literally) with the slim, sleek Stella. Whether it’s lengthening the lines of your sofa or simply elevating it so that your space is easier to clean, Stella’s your girl.


peroni cherry beech black white ikea replacement sofa legs

If you’re looking for a subtle, understated lift, you’ll want to go with the Peroni. Slender yet strong in stature, it’s a classic, confident look that you’ll want to keep going back to, season after season.


bailey cherry beech black white ikea replacement sofa legs

Old but new, the tall, tapered Bailey is our best-selling sofa leg that’s made a comeback to our collection of sofa-enhancing accessories. What’s new about the Bailey, you ask? Just like the drink, it’s still boasts smooth, pleasing lines, but like the Cooper, Stella and Peroni, it now comes in four classic colours: Cherry, Beech, White and Black.

How do they work?

Stella Cooper Bailey Peroni IKEA Replacement Sofa Legs

After doing a bit of research we realised that most of IKEA’s legs come with something called an ‘M8 bolt’.

To explain this simply, there are a specific set of IKEA models which our legs would work for, and they are: The Karlstad, Karlsfors, Klippan, Klobo, Soderhamn, Landskrona, Ljungvik, Harnosand, Sater, Solsta-Olarp, Stockholm, Strandmon, Landskrona, Mellby, Norsborg.

Once you order our sofa legs, you’ll receive them with a screw cap fitted on each, and fitting them is as easy as taking the caps off, then screwing the legs on, like so:

Once your legs are screwed on, voila! You’ve got yourself a sofa that’s elevated in more ways than one.

Enjoy 🙂