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IKEA Holmsund Sectional Sofa-Bed With Chaise (Sleeper Sofa)

Today we’re taking a look at the IKEA Holmsund, which is one of the current sofa-beds / sleeper sofas available in IKEA stores worldwide.


It’s an updated Friheten, with extra throw pillows, wedged armrests and a higher price tag. Just like the Friheten sofa-bed, the Holmsund comes in two different configurations – a 3 seater sleeper sofa and a sectional sofa-bed (with chaise).

IKEA Holmsund Configurations for Sofa-Bed / Sleeper Sofa

The 3 seater starts from US$549 (£450) and the sectional sleeper starts from US$699 (£495). Which is about $50 more expensive than the respective Friheten.

For cover choice, you’re quite limited if you prefer the original IKEA covers as you only have a choice of 4 colours:

  • Ransta White
  • Ransta Light Pink (which I still maintain is slightly salmon coloured)
  • Nordvalla Medium Grey (Reminds me of our Kino Charcoal)
  • Nordvalla Beige (Liege Biscuit / Lino Brushed?)

Each configuration comes with a hidden storage space as well. For the 3 seater, that’s located underneath the seats. For the sectional sleeper, that’s located underneath the chaise.

The fun thing about the chaise is that you can place it on either left or right of the sofa, and switch it any time. The covers allow for this as well 🙂

The sofa legs are quite short, giving the Holmsund the impression of sitting on the floor itself. This is unlike the Friheten sofa-bed, which shows off its legs proudly.

How does it sit?

The Holmsund is really deep. With throw pillows for a back rest, you could make a nest out of the sofa, and my 6’2″ frame sat comfortably all the way back. Armrests were well-placed and comfortable, although you aren’t going to be able to sit on them like a Kivik’s armrest.

Comfort-wise though, the Holmsund is a rather specialised taste. The padding is firm, without being hard. If you like sitting IN your sofa, this is probably not for you. I personally liked it though, but then again I like strong support instead of envelopement.

My friend claims that loads of extra pillows make the Holmsund really comfy, but more than 5 were an issue for clumsy me.

What about sleep?

You should expect the same firm rest on the bed as well. However, on the 3 seater sofa-bed, the seat portion moves forward and then the back rest folds down to join the seat and form a bed. I didn’t quite like this gap and found it rather irritating on occasion.

With the sectional sleeper (with chaise), the bed part pulls up from underneath the seat. Same as with IKEA’s Friheten and Manstad sofa-beds. I preferred this as it was a lot easier to pull out, though some might fear that the mechanism might not last the test of time.

The bed is a double or full size, not quite a queen size bed. Source appropriately for your sheets if you use them.

Comfort Works Tip: I bought a cheap memory foam topper and this improved sleep immensely. If you still get complaints from your friend, give em more beer before they sleep.


Pricier, classy looking, a really deep seat, and a firm supportive padding. Also has slipcovers or sofa covers, but I didn’t quite like the polyester from IKEA as it was a little bit rough and uncomfortable. I’d still get it as I entertain on occasion, but if you’re a bachelor on the high end of the height scale, go for the Friheten instead.

Aesthetics: 7/10
Comfort: 7/10
Durability: 8/10
Price: 6/10

Luckily, we now make slipcovers for the Holmsund sofabed with chaise and the 3-seater too!

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