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Ikea Kramfors Discontinued, but Comfort Works has got you covered!

Recently IKEA has discontinued its Kramfors sofa range to make way for its new Kivik sofa range.

Kramfors Chaise Lounge Combination

We were clicking around the net for affordable leather sofas to recommend to our customers, when we found broken links. Panicked, we kept googling for Kramfors, Kramfors, Kramfors a good 7 minutes.

Disappointed, we immediately called IKEA and a customer service representative told us that they no longer carry Kramfors sofas. That was all there is to it. No explanations. No letter as to why. No farewell we-loved-you-too party. Nada.

Kramfors Leather Range

A 30 minute drive to IKEA later, our fears were being confirmed. Ikea’s Kramfors range has been replaced by a younger woman! named Kivik! Although she was very pretty (and a bit more conservative than Kramfors was), the nerve of not letting us know sooner.

Kivik three seat chaise longue

As Ikea lovers streamed in and out of the store in helium happiness- Ikea slipcovers and sofas were on sale (to soften the blow)- we just sat on the remaining Kramfors for the last time, paying our respects.

But there is hope yet. Comfort Works has got your Kramfors‘ back, literally. We provide custom slipcovers for the Kramfors in its 2 seat, 3 seat and footstool range. The icing on the cake? You can have the slipcovers made in leather too! So if you want to level up or add a couple more years to your Kramfors, visit our website or contact us.

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