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Why a green sofa is always a good idea

Green sofas are loved the world over for their style and versatility. They’re trendy, stylish, and always make a statement. With so many shades and tints, green can be charming, charismatic and playful at the same time.

If you need more reasons, then here’s a complete list of them along with how you can make green work for your own home and existing decor.

The colour psychology: How green makes you feel

Image credit: Amin Hasani/Unsplash

According to colour psychology, green is often associated with nature, renewal, and growth. When included in an interior design scheme, it can evoke a sense of refreshment, security, and even peace. This is why green sofas have become such a beloved and widely appreciated trend. They help create a sense of tranquility within a space, while providing a nice focal point to anchor the entire room. 

Green works perfectly with neutrals

Image credit: Max Vakhtbovych/Pexels

If there’s one colour scheme that’s here to stay, it’s the neutrals. Comprised of various shades of brown, beige, taupe, greys, and even blacks, this popular palette provides the perfect backdrop for any and every kind of green sofa. The sheer elegance and sophistication of this colour scheme pairs really well with green velvet sofas. Couple that with tastefully chosen coffee tables, ottomans, and accessories, and you’ll be able to create a wonderful space of your own.

Green sofas make a statement

An IKEA Karlstad sofa in Comfort Works Classic Velvet, Emerald

Green lies on the most statement-worthy end of the colour spectrum. It’s a colour that demands to be noticed, so any sofa that’s upholstered in this hue, whether muted or bright, is bound to become the focal point of an interior design. Tory Burch’s green velvet sofa is definitely a sight to behold, and one of the best designer examples of how green can make uplift even the most traditional sofa designs.

They’re so fun to style 

Image credit: Designecologist/Pexels

Green sofas come in a wide variety of different materials and fabrics. For a luxurious, high-end feel, there’s nothing better than a green velvet sofa. Velvet’s subtle sheen adds texture and life to a room – and is perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in the colder months. For a fresh, more everyday look, you can’t go wrong with 100% cotton sofa covers. Cotton is perfect for living rooms that are used for relaxing, rather than hosting.

Plus, they’re so much fun to embellish! No matter what shade or fabric type you’re working with, you’ll always find something beautiful to add some contrast. Green velvet sofas look beautiful with solid colours and understated textures like boho-chic area rugs and rough sisal or jute cushions. For a more luxe look, you can pair them with plain suede or silk cushions in bright neutral hues. You can also complement your green sofa with sleek brass end tables or gilded floor lamps.

Other fabrics such as cotton, polyester, or nylon work best with patterned or textured accessories. You can opt for artistically patterned cushions, oriental rugs, and faux fur accessories. 

Green sofas aren’t just for living rooms

One of the best things about green sofas is that their use isn’t simply limited to residential projects – they look just as great in commercial and corporate settings. Choose a comfortable but hard-wearing material for your sofa and you can even feature one in a retail outlet for customers to sit on. Moreover, there are very few thematic restrictions for the colour green. You can use it in contrast with most hues, be they rust, orange, purple, yellow, burgundy, or more.

Update your own sofa

Any sofa can be a green velvet sofa. Image credit: Comfort Works

Have an existing sofa that you want to give a lovely green makeover? Complete reupholstery can cost a pretty penny – which is where slipcovers come in. With slipcovers, you can instantly change up the look of your sofa without even leaving your home.

And what’s better than slipcovers? Comfort Works custom-made slipcovers, tailored to fit your sofa perfectly, in your choice of fabric. All without the expense and fuss of finding an upholsterer and conveying your sofa to them. Plus, did we mention that all our slipcovers are machine-washable?

For a luxurious (but surprisingly low maintenance!) look, Classic Velvet is our top pick. Its dense, low pile gives a subtle sheen, and comes in a jewel toned Emerald or a dark, understated Forest Green hue. 

If you live with one or more furry friends, Claw-proof Velvet in Moss Green is the one for you. Its finely woven knit resists claws and scratches, with a soft, cosy finish that animals and humans love.

And if you know your sofa needs to withstand all manner of daily activity and usage, you won’t go wrong with Textured Weave in Basil. This commercial-grade fabric is smooth to the touch but highly durable and longlasting. 

So now you know why green sofas are always a good idea! They’re stylish, statement-worthy, timeless – and super easy to achieve.  Find your favourite green and transform your sofa now. 

Zunaira Ghazal is an architect by profession and a writer at heart. She loves sharing her hands-on experience and knowledge with everyone through well-written blogs.