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IKEA Flottebo Sofa Bed Review - Offbeat Design, Unusual Structure

Last year IKEA launched another model in their sleeper sofa range – the Flottebo sofa bed!
A considerably new member of the family, if you’re thinking of buying this new sofa, this is the perfect blog post for you. Note that this collection comes with/without side tables.

Flottebo Sofa bed Lysed Green - Image credit: IKEA
Flottebo Sofa bed Lysed Green – Image credit: IKEA


Launched around October 2017 and designed by C Halskov/H Dalsgaard, the Flottebo originally comes in two sizes – 90cm and 120 cm (side table optional). One cannot deny its unusual structure and appearance and is available in three colors – Loffalet Beige, Lysed Green and Lysed Dark grey. Diverse colours with not a lot of choice I must say. The good thing is that it has sofa covers that originally come in 100% polyester, making them easy to wash.

The side tables (reminiscent of the discontinued IKEA Mysinge sofa) not only enhance the look of the living room but also helps you spend time idly on the sofa with your cup of beverage and a plate of snacks. Practical, isn’t it?

Flottebo Sofa Bed with side table Image credit : IKEA
Flottebo Sofa Bed with side table Image credit : IKEA


With a width of 200cm this piece of furniture is not exactly ideal for small spaces like studio apartments so it might not be the most practical in terms of space. However, it could be good for offices or large studios as it does seem like a nice waiting room couch.

Flottebo sofa bed cushion with anti-slip material
Flottebo sofa bed cushion with anti-slip material

Now the interesting bit – at first glance the cushions look uncomfortable for leaning but upon careful examination, you’ll find that on the underside there is an anti-slip material that prevents them from sliding. So you can easily lean on them comfortably while being engrossed in a movie on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The Polyurethane foam of the mattress makes is fairly comfortable after all.

There is one small caveat – there are no fixed armrests which may save space, but makes it little uncomfortable if you want to use this couch for long periods of time. The traditional sofa back is a miss so it is likely to cause concern. I personally believe it will not be very suitable for the elderly.

Verdict: 6/10


The unique and non-traditional design is balanced by the fancy looking decorative cushions. One of the things I like most about this sofa is the versatile cushion and the fact that they can be placed anywhere depending on the situation. Place it in the middle and you have a waiting room couch for 6-8 people. Place them on the edge and it’s a giant movie lounge!

It generally looks pretty good for a fairly large sofa and definitely can pass off as “designer”, being ever so minimalist with subtle details that most people wouldn’t notice such as the legs being covered in the same fabric and having a metallic gold finish at the bottom.

As cool as the design is though, the Flottebo sofa bed is definitely lacking a little in terms of colour choices, being only available in three colors – Loffalet Beige, Lysed Green and Lysed Dark grey. No doubt the color options are diverse but I can imagine how much more modern it would look in a white leather or contemporary blue velvet.

Verdict: 8/10

Check out the standard color options for the Flottebo sleeper sofa below:

IKEA Flottebo Sleeper Sofa in Loffalet Beige with a side table[
IKEA Flottebo Sleeper Sofa in Loffalet Beige with a side table
IKEA Flottebo Sleeper Sofa in Lysed Green
IKEA Flottebo Sleeper Sofa in Lysed Green
IKEA Flottebo Sleeper Sofa in Lysed Dark Grey
IKEA Flottebo Sleeper Sofa in Lysed Dark Grey


This isn’t a sleeper for a student, despite the deceptively simple sofa bed transformation. All you have to do is to remove the cushions and the sofa is converted to a bed. Not only this, there is a large storage space under the seat to create a room for things like bed-linen, extra pillows etc. In terms of performance, there’s no way this can be a budget sofa bed.

Flottebo Sofa Bed Storage
Flottebo Sofa Bed Storage

The Flottebo 90cm version (without the side table) is listed at US$ 499 presently while the 120cm sleeper sofa’s price tag is US$ 579 (with side table), so they are somewhat on the higher range.

Unfortunately without armrests or proper, ergonomic backrests, I believe most people would think twice before making this purchase.

Verdict: 7/10


The loose cushions can be adjusted to be positioned anywhere on the sofa. It is meant to be a support for the back if you ever need to lean on it – so while it’s good for a short film, this sofa bed won’t work well for movie marathons!

Office Decor with Flottebo Sofa Bed
Office Decor with Flottebo Sofa Bed

The side table is very well adjustable on any of the corners of the sofa, perfect for a remote, popcorn, laptop, or can basically be used as a bedside stand. If you plan on working or perhaps having snacks on this, the side table is a good option to opt for!

While we have not got an opportunity to make slipcovers for the Flottebo series yet, we do hope to see it on the site if you’re interested. Contact us on to let us know!

Verdict: 6/10

Overall Conclusion

Well, the truth is that it has a real unusual design and cushion shape – which some may like and others would not. However, I think most would agree that it’s lacking back support, and is more of a sofa to sit for short periods on but not for long hours. I could imagine these filling up airports actually but it is a bit weird to have a sofa bed at the airport and not use it the way it was meant for originally.

Overall, it’s a fairly okay-ish piece of furniture for a modern living space. If you’re looking to get a sofa bed, perhaps check out our review of what we think the Top 6 Ikea sofa beds are!

Final Verdict: 7/10

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!