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Kivik Sofa Cover in Kino Orange (Discontinued)


With the many emails from our readers to do a Kivik Sofa review from IKEA, that’s where we went on our journey. Interesting side-note: many IKEA fans live more than 1 hour away from the nearest IKEA showroom! Filled with empathy (we only live 30 mins away), we set out on our mission to help you test drive the new Kivik sofas.

Aesthetics and First Impressions

Was it love at first showroom sight? Unfortunately, no. The display sofas on the showroom floor were bunched up like last year sandwiches. I eyed the Three-Seat sofa covered in Tranas Light Brown ($899) suspiciously. It looked nothing like the website’s picture online! Did you know that this particular cover looked like it was made of corduroy? It certainly felt like it too. Click on image to have a closeup look.


Moving on, we looked at the Kivik two-seat sofa in Ingebo Dark Blue ($699) and again having loved the website’s pictures we expected a dark rich blue; instead received a slightly worn looking blue couch. Keep in mind, that various factors like lighting, camera angles and showroom-usage all contribute to this picture, which may explain why the back looks darker than the front.

Comfort Test

Henry had a go on the two seat Kivik and wriggled around (slouching forward, backwards, side-wards) till he found a comfortable spot. He immediately took a liking to the generous seating size (unlike the Karlstad, Klippan and Tylosand) and loved the cushion firmness that this model offered. Henry then whipped out his Iphone to start googling (someone tell him that it’s an addiction!) and frowned when he found himself sinking-quick-sand-style into the large cushions. A quick glance at the tag and he found that the cushions were made from Polyurethane memory foam.

I positioned myself cross-legged on the sofa and liked that it did indeed have ample space. At 5’5, this sofa could double as a day-bed for me. I also took a liking to the wide low-set armrest. I thought it was low enough to lie your whole body down and rest your head at a comfortable height. It was also great for perching on (Dice would love this!). However, Henry felt the armrest were uncomfortable, especially when he was sitting up properly. It made him feel like he had short arms, and had to slouch lower to get back into an ideal “sloth” position.

Do you suppose IKEA designed the Kivik’s extra-wide-super-sized-armrest to prepare for World Cup season, where everyone hogs the couch?

Update: We were at IKEA recently again (June 2018) to re-measure the frame and it seems that IKEA may have done a minor update to the Kivik 2 seater loveseat and 3 seater sofa. Not only is the frame about 2-3 centimetres (about an inch) wider, the seat cushions are surprisingly more firm than what we remembered. They used to be comfy firm – now they’re a little hard actually. If we were to give a comfort rating of 8/10 before, it may have dropped to a 6/10 – our review of the Vimle sofa performed better for sure.

The Kivik first impression wasn’t great, but we had always liked about from 2010 until today is its modularity, not to mention the corner section that was added around 2017. We left the corduroy imposter and boring blue sofas behind, and made our way towards the sexy Kivik set-up as it should be!

“Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk by you again?”
Yes, Ms. Kivik and always in Teno Light Grey please!


1. Cushions: Bulky cushions for soft rear landing!
Wide and low armrest: The KIVIK 3 Seater can accomodate 2 extra persons ‘somewhat’ comfortably.
Customisable: You could take the armrest off and combined them with all the other KIVIK models. A little bit like the Tylosand, Karlstad and the newer IKEA models.
Design: Blocky but looks modern and timeless enough with going too contemporary (eg IKEA Kramfors).

Kivik Back Cushion Sizes


Size: It’s quite bulky so even the 2 seaters may be a bit big for small apartments

Armrest: Low armrest gives unnatural feeling when you’re sitting normally.

Pricey: The 2 seater starts from AU$599and a 3 seater starts from $699 (both in Blekinge White). Note that the 3 seater only has two cushions (just like the 2 seaters) but a lot wider. Also, the 3 seaters are different from the 3-seat-sofa-combination which starts from $1197.00 (Blekinge White). To view entire Ikea Kivik price list and product information, click here.

For 3 seat it’s: W 228 x D 91 x H 75 cm
For 2 seat it’s: W 188 x D 91 x H 75cm

Note: All prices are in AUD$.


Ever think about giving your Kivik sofa a facelift with new slipcovers? Well, you can now buy slipcovers for your KIVIK sofas from Comfort Works.

Here’s some of our work on the chunky yet comfy Kivik:

Custom Long skirt Kivik slipcovers in Liege Eggshell linen fabric
Kivik Sofa with Chaise with slipcovers in our Savannah Saddle vegan leather
Kivik Loveseat plus chaise in Kino Sunset fabric with contrast piping
Kivik 2-Seater/ Loveseat slipcovers in Kino Charcoal by Comfort Works
Kivik 2-Seater/ Loveseat slipcovers in Kino Charcoal, customized with plain seams.
Kivik 3-Seater slipcovers in Rouge Ash velvet and contrast piping by Comfort Works
Kivik 3-Seater slipcovers in Rouge Ash velvet and contrast piping
Kivik Sofa with Chaise with slipcovers in our Luna Flax linen blend
Kivik 3-Seater sofa and chaise longue slipcovers in Modena Black bycast leather with white piping, Comfort Works
Kivik 3-Seater sofa and chaise longue slipcovers in Modena Black bycast leather with white piping, featuring a Dog
Kivik 3-Seater sofa in Nomad Grey fabric by Comfort Works, featuring a Cat
Kivik 3-Seater sofa in Nomad Grey fabric, featuring a Cat

Overall Conclusion

We definitely think the Kivik grows on you, because it did for us. With the recent update, this is arguable depending on how firm you prefer your seat cushions to be however.

Want to know what has changed over the past 10 years? Check out our Top IKEA sofas of 2019 here.

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