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The Complete IKEA Strandmon Armchair Review

Everyone loves a good armchair. The comfort, the ample space, the privacy, what’s not to like? Remember back in the 50s when the wingbacks were all the rage? Well, the trend seems to be back in fashion, with a more modern spin to it. But, when we talk about wingbacks, only one would immediately pop-up in the minds of the IKEA faithfuls, the IKEA Strandmon Armchair.

We’re going to take a look at IKEA’s favorite wingback chair and give you the details on the comfort, aesthetics and of course, the price. What are we waiting for, let’s go!

#1 Comfort

IKEA Strandmon Armchair - Comfort
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At first look, the chair does seem a little stiff. But, the moment you sit in the IKEA Strandmon, you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a piece of the cloud. The cushions on it are soft and plush, yet they provide ample support for your back and body. The top of the chair has cushioning that effortlessly supports your neck, giving you maximum comfort and relaxation.

Its backrest has a slight curve so it allows for you to lean back, like you would do in an easy chair. The seat on the IKEA Strandmon itself is fairly lower than an average sofa. It, however, has the width to give you a much deeper seating and ample space to stretch or move about in the chair. But, deep seats on an armchair are a good thing, until you try getting out of them. Well, that just means more relaxation, then.

Rating : 7/10

#2 Design

IKEA Strandmon Armchair - Design
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The IKEA Strandmon was designed in the early 1950s when wingbacks were a must-have. The design is that of a typical wingback and takes a lot of inspiration from IKEA’s pioneer wingback chair, the MK. However, IKEA tweaked the design around by adding smaller armrests and less pronounced wings.

This allowed the IKEA Strandmon to blend in in a more contemporary decor. The design of the seat itself is somewhat similar to the classic look of the IKEA Stocksund, slightly rounded and ample seat cushions, with shorter and more stout legs. It also has a cute ottoman that goes with it! The overall design of the chair gives it a somewhat majestic look, like an IKEA version of a throne. The chair also has simple tufting across the backrest, giving it an even more regal look.

Unfortunately, the chair only comes in six choices of solid color upholstery: Djuparp Dark Green, Djuparp Dark Green-Blue, Gilhov Multicolour, Lingbo Multicolour, Nordvalla Dark Grey, Skiftebo Light Beige, Skiftebo Light Turquoise and the Skiftebo Yellow. Even though the Djuparp covers were somewhat velvety, they were way too pale for our liking. So if you need a change up from that, you know where to find us and our fabric samples.

We’d also noted that the IKEA Strandmon looks best with royal-looking colors such as deep blues and purples, even emerald greens. Even a deep grey, like our brand new Rouge Storm, velvet fabric would be a pretty sweet choice for the IKEA Strandmon.

Rating : 6/10

#3 Price

IKEA Strandmon Armchair - Price
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For an armchair, the IKEA Strandmon is fairly affordable at a US$279.00 price point, compared to IKEA’s best-selling armchairs, the Ektorp, which is US$349.00 and the IKEA Poang armchair at US$199.00. The Strandmon sort of combines the comfort and plush support of the Ektorp with the overall design of the Poang. Personally, I feel that the price is pretty reasonable, since we’d be getting the best of both classic armchair and an easy chair, all-in-one.

Rating : 8/10

Just A Few More Thoughts

All-in-all, I think the IKEA Strandmon would be a great investment. It provides great comfort and the design is such that it supports you while you rest and recharge. And, it would be comforting to know that you have a plush armchair waiting to greet you after a long day at work. Be it a short nap or a book reading marathon, the IKEA Strandmon is there for you. The ottoman would also be a great addition to the piece so that you can stretch out and relax to the fullest.

And if you’re already tired of the six shades of upholstery from IKEA, you can change it up IKEA Strandmon slipcovers from us, this Thanksgiving. With a choice of over 70 different fabric choices, and counting, you can’t go wrong. Get a couple of fabric samples and see which works best with your IKEA Strandmon. Happy Decorating and Happy Thanksgiving!