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a cat scratching at a cat proof sofa

If I told you that the ultimate cat-proof couch was sitting right under your own roof, would you believe me?

That’s right, I’m talking about your very own sofa. The one which is currently being terrorized by those loveable (and ferocious) furbabies. 

But wait, how can that possibly be? That shredded couch is the whole reason you’re here after all.

Well don’t let go of your old couch just yet because with a few little upgrades, your very own couch will be the claw deflecting, cat-cohabitating, cat-proof couch of your dreams.

The solution? Cat-proof sofa covers – ones that will slip onto your couch and erase your cat vs sofa troubles like a rabbit in a magicians hat.

How do they work and what’s so great about them anyway? Stick around and find out:

The best couch material for cats

texture of our cat proof sofa fabric
Claw-proof sofa fabric that looks good

To delight our fellow pet lovers, we searched high and low for the best couch material for cats; one that cats (and dogs) will not destroy, but also doesn’t feel like you’re sitting on a piece of cardboard. 

So while our “cat-proof couch covers” are technically for all pets and not just cats, we have made very sure that it passes the test with flying colors.

“The test” being the scratch test. We made sure the fabric selected has to be claw-proof because let’s face it, if cats can’t destroy it then neither will dogs.

We’ve even tested them to great success against the sharpest and fastest cat claws in the wild west (actually we tested them on our own cats at home).

Anyway, the secret behind it’s superhuman superfabric powers is in it’s weave. It’s too closely knitted for cat claws to puncture.

In fact, not only will they be unable to destroy it, they may even stop trying altogether since they prefer to scratch at textures that will let them sink their claws into. 

And while the fabric may take away all the joy of scratching your couch away from your cat, you won’t have to worry about them leaving your side on the couch. It’s plenty comfy and will spoil them.

cat on blue sofa
He may not look happy sitting on the couch… but that’s just his default expression

Worry instead that you will have to start fighting against them for couch space. 

But that’s not all!

While we have designed the perfect couch covers for cat scratching, that doesn’t mean it’s the only feature that they’re packing.

Convenient cleaning

lint roller cleaning fur off sofa
Remove fur with a roller to reduce trips to the wash

Are stains, fur and the occasional explosive cat diarrhea keeping your sofa in a sad-looking state?

Well now you won’t have to take it sitting down! These cat-proof sofa covers are convenient to wash so you can banish that stuff you wouldn’t want in grotesque detail with a simple trip to the washer.

The frame and zippered cushion covers are a cinch to slip on and off your sofa so that your cleaning will be all that much easier.

Not only will they be cleaner and smell better than they have ever been before, but you’ll save yourself from hours of scrubbing too.

That means more cuddle time with your kitty and zero time wondering how to fix a shredded sofa.


form fitting covers on the sofa make it cat-proof
Stylish and functional

Don’t greet your guests with a sofa that is more cat couch protector than sofa.

Do away with the loose fitting and baggy crimes against living room fashion with a little tailor-fitted magic.

Like a gorgeous suit sewn together by a bespoke tailor, all of our sofa covers are made-to measure and will fit your sofa to a tee. No need to worry about losing those gorgeous, clean sofa lines.

Yes, even with sofas that originally came upholstered instead of slipcovered.

Basically, if your sofa is slipcoverable, we can create a slipcover for it. We’ve been hard at work creating slipcovers for 8 years and have gotten to the point where we can make custom slipcovers for all of the major sofa brands.

It’s really the only thing we do here T_T.

And if you’re wondering how wham jam shazammy we can get your couch looking check us out on Instagram to see some of our work; most of which were taken from the very living rooms of our customers. The picture above is from one of them as well 🙂

Check us out on Instagram for more #inspo

So who says we can’t have nice things when we get a cat?

Your own sofa

image of our claw-proof slipcovers sent by our customer
Customer couch (IKEA Ektorp) turned cat-proof

Home is where the heart is and most of us wouldn’t want to part with a familiar face. Or in this case, a familiar cushion under the butt.

So don’t  break up with your favourite sofa over a couple of cats. Upgrade it instead.

We like to think of it as just buying the fabric part of the sofa.

So as long as the frame and cushions of your current sofa are still holding up, dressing it up with a slipcover will make it look and feel new again; all at a more affordable price than splurging on a new cat-proof sofa.

Not only will your sofa look like it’s just rolled out of the shop, but you’ll also have upcycled instead of contributing to the landfill.

After all, a beautiful home doesn’t have to mean a dirtier planet.

Cat-proof but definitely not human-proof

the cat proof couch isn't human proof
Soft, velvety, and great for naps

We can’t call it the best cat-proof couch if the cat’s human didn’t enjoy it as well.

In addition to making the sofa covers as convenient as possible so that cleaning and re-installing them can be done automagically, there are many more reasons why your upgraded sofa won’t just be “a sofa for cats”.

As it turns out, the ultimate sofa material for cats isn’t the least bit uncomfortable. As scratch-proof as it is, it definitely does not feel like a thick and lumpy cat couch protector sitting underneath you.

Instead, be greeted by a luxuriously soft and comforting fabric that feels like what you’d get if wool and velvet were mixed together. Wooly-ish because of it’s slightly longer fibres but comfy and tightly woven like velvet.

And if you’re still wondering “how would that feel like?”, trust me I’m having as difficult of a time putting it into words. I would describe it as being comfy and snuggly though.

But hey, don’t take my word for it when you can test it out for yourself with some fabric samples (pick claw-proof velvet).  

Get them easily for some touchy feely action, bring them to your cat, and see for yourself if it can succeed where other cats have failed in destroying them.

Or maybe it will simply have no interest in scratching at it. Either way it’s a win-win 🙂

Ready to give your sofa a cat-proof upgrade? Learn more about our slipcovers, the fabric we use and the colors you can get them in below:

Discover Cat-Proof Sofa Covers