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The Unexpected Benefits Of Painting Your Walls White

White walls are photogenic, there’s no doubt about that.

You see it everywhere, from interior design magazines to living space inspiration social media – walls with white paint are always a staple, making for a gorgeous space in the house. 

However, us regular folk people tend to have reservations about white anything, especially when we live in busy, active homes with kids, pets or both. And when it’s not done right, white can also make a space look very sterile. 

We may be biased, but we’re big fans of white and think that the benefits of having it as a dominant colour in your space outweigh the cons, and here’s why:

1. It complements any interior style

There’s no doubt that white walls are versatile, but did you know that they’re so versatile to the point where any interior style goes with it? 

It’s a given that they go really well with a minimalist home, but they also pair beautifully with bohemian, Scandinavian, traditional, contemporary, farmhouse, and even maximalist style homes since they provide a calm, neutral canvas that just about any colour, texture or pattern is enhanced by.

Which brings is to our next point…

2. It’s a blank canvas for vibrant colour

Think of the white wall as a blank canvas for just about any colour you want to present in your home.

For example, if you have bold, statement pieces in your home that you want to show off, having coloured walls will just make the entire space look cluttered because everything is fighting for attention.

But take that ‘busyness’ and colour clutter away and you’ll create a space where your furniture won’t clamour for attention. Instead, everything will get a chance to shine, allowing them to have the stunning impact you’re after.

3. It accentuates your home’s structure

Does your house come with amazing bones and interesting structural elements?

Painting your walls white can help accentuate them, particularly details like beautiful panelling since the calm canvas allows the eye to not only pick up on shadows and light, but focus on them.

So if you have architecturally distinct textures and patterns on your walls, painting them white can be the smartest move you can do to appreciate them.

4. Art looks amazing on it

There’s a reason why the walls in art galleries are white – it lets the artwork shine without overwhelming the space, and takes virtually all distractions away so your attention isn’t diverted away from the stars of the show.

Whether you’re opting for a wall-to-wall painting or small clusters of pieces that showcase your passion, having a white wall will be the perfect backdrop for them. 

5. It never goes out of style

Trendy colours come and go, but white is a classic that will never go out of style, no matter the decade. Ever. 

But beyond trendy colours, often the novelty of fashion-dominated wall colours tend to wear out more quickly.

That deep shade of red you have your eye on might seem appealing in the pages of a magazine, but having an entire wall in your home standing out like a bright, red tomato might not feel so great 10 months down the road. 

6. It makes your space look bigger

The rule of thumb when it comes to colour is that painting a room in a light shade makes it look bigger, while dark shades make it visually smaller.

So going by the same rule, and especially if you live in a small space, why not paint it the lightest shade possible, which is white? 

Painting it white and coupling that with natural light will give your room an instant boost of spaciousness, even if it didn’t actually ‘expand’, the visual feel of it is amazing on its own.

Need more inspiration to do up your space in white? We have lots of ideas for you in our free Timeless Living: How To Design A Classy IKEA-Inspired Home ebook: