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7 Wonderfully Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Winter is coming, and that means Christmas is as well!

Relax and kick up for the holidays, but don’t get too comfy – there’s work to do.

Underneath the fun and festivities lurks some big responsibilities. Gift hunting.

It’s serious business.

But wait.. nobody wants to get another sweater. Where are the presents that spark joy and excitement at?

Fear not, we’ve got your back!

Here’s a Comfort Works approved list of awesome and straight up unusual presents your loved ones are sure to enjoy.

You’ll never be the one to hand out a boring old gift card ever again.

Storm in a jar

Give your friends a miniature weather display this Christmas.

The Storm Glass is more than just an ornament – it forecasts the weather!

Or so they say…

Using technology created over 250 years ago for ships to navigate safely and avoid poor weather, the contents of the jar transform to “predict stormy seas”.

A couple of shipwrecks later and we now know that the liquid mixture really just changes how it behaves depending on the temperature.

But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t cool. The ever-changing state of the jar makes for a very eye-catching tabletop gift. 

It’s an especially great time to give it out too – they’ll be seeing lots of activity in the jar now that the colder months are approaching.

Interested to see how this looks? Check out the video for a timelapse: 

Alcoholic Ornaments

Capture the Christmas spirit (or plain ol spirit of the alcoholic kind) in these festive baubles and toast with friends and family!

Made from durable food friendly plastic, these so-called “ornaments” have a screw off top to fill them with your favourite tipples.

They even come with an included hook  for your Christmas tree to join in on the fun. Fill em up and decorate – but don’t let that tree collapse before you do!

In fact, bring them out on Christmas day itself. After all, there’s nothing like a little liquid cheer to get the festivities going.

The Moon

Give your loved ones a gift that will light up their world.

3D printed to capture the details of the moon in all its luminous glory, this little lamp is sure to enchant its future owner.

Unlike normal boring lamps, this one can be disconnected from it’s cable to be carried around as a display or photography prop.

Aside from being an amazing gift for space lovers, it’s also suitable as a nightlight. The brightness and color of the lamp can be adjusted according to personal preference.

This makes it a wonderful gift for kids who will quickly fall under its spell. But make sure to tell them beforehand that you’ll be giving them the moon 😉

Snow Globe?

An ordinary looking snow globe. Or is it?

Lovingly named “the sugar house” this neat little decoration serves a greater purpose – it’s a sugar bowl.

Created from plastic to prevent shattering and heavy enough (when filled) to prevent rolling, it’s certainly practical enough.

But it’s real charm stems from the fact that it would look great when placed on the teatime table. Just imagine how curious it would look to open up snowglobe and start munching on its contents.

So if you’ve got someone in mind who can’t survive without their tea and coffee – this is a pretty sweet gift.

Bag o’ Coal

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a couple of gag gifts being passed around and there’s no one better to give them to than those on your naughty list.

Show those troublemakers who’s boss with a good ol lump of coal. Specifically, charcoal soap made to look like coal – so at least they can be used for something. You’re not evil after all.

It’s even sent from the north pole from Santa himself (no really it has an official USPS postmark) and comes in a box that looks like a present.

Skip the wrapping all together to really emphasize your lack of effort. There’s really no better way to get them back for their annual antics!

Ice Lantern Kit

Here’s a crazy Christmas decoration idea – shells of ice filled with light.

There’s something very beautiful about the mixture of fire and ice. Something which that friend who has an excessive passion for decorating would love.

Show support for their enthusiasm and let them win over their guests even before they set foot in the house. An ice lantern creation kit is all that’s needed to make these luminary balls of holiday magic.

Gift this out this time and who knows, you may return to their home next year to a stunning walkway display.

Sweater turned Pillow

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a symbol of the holidays but this pillow is definitely not one of them.

Give your friends (or yourself) a gift that’s sure to make any living room a tad cosier with this sweater looking throw pillow cover.

Snuggly, soft, and incredibly seasonally appropriate, simply button up the cushion cover just like a sweater to give those faded throw pillows a wintery looking makeover.



Self Gift: Sofa Makeover

In the mood to treat yourself this Christmas?

Here’s a gift that will steal the show every time you walk into your living room. A “new” sofa.

While your sofa itself may not have travelled back in time, a simple couch cover is all that’s required to make it look, and feel new again.

It’s even better if you’re expecting guests. Revive that stale couch before Christmas and leave them in awe!

And if they really love them, refer them to us and get a $25 Amazon gift card for every successful referral. Use it to help yourself to other items on this list 🙂

When the festivities are over, simply machine wash the covers to get them fresh and ready to tackle the new year. 

Truly the perfect gift now that we’re all going to be spending too much time indoors. After all, the couch is where you’ll be spending most of the time snuggling up during the cold months.

Thinking having a slipcover made for your sofa? Take our slipcover fabrics for a test run by having them sent to your doorstep here: