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8 IKEA Staples You’ll Always Find In My Home

Like many out there, I have a selection of IKEA staples that I certainly can’t live without. In fact, I can’t imagine life at home without them. 

Just like me, I’m sure there must be several IKEA staples that you’ve grown to love. In fact, you might not even realise how attached you are to them until they’re gone.

Because all good things are meant to be shared, allow me to share my list of IKEA staples that I have in my home and can’t live without. 

1. The IKEA Raskog Trolley Cart

This IKEA staple is the first thing that came to mind because it is so versatile.

I use it to store all my daily skincare and makeup products, including my hair dryer and curling iron.

The best part about it? It’s got wheels, which means I can move it to whichever part of the house where there’s better lighting to do my makeup in.

2. The IKEA Klippan Sofa

When it comes to the classic IKEA sofas, most people are either Team Klippan or Team Ektorp.

Personally, I prefer the Klippan because of its simple and clean lines. 

It goes well with basically any modern minimalist home (i.e. mine) and you can even get sofa slipcovers to jazz it up or make cleaning it a whole lot easier.

3. The IKEA Malm Bed

Just like the Klippan, I absolutely love the Malm bed thanks to its clean, minimal lines. 

Add storage to the dead space at the bottom of the bed, and voila — we have a clear winner here. 

If you’re feeling like you’re in the mood for a good hack, you can try painting your Malm bed frame in whatever colour you please.

Personally, I enjoy sticking to light wood colour for a timeless look. 

4. IKEA Puderviva Linen Sheets

The thing with linen bed sheets is that the good ones have always been way above my budget….until I discovered IKEA’s Puderviva linen sheets. 

These feel as good as the expensive stuff at a fraction of the cost.

Plus: Bonus points for the ribbon ties that give these sheets that extra layer of character.

5. The IKEA Bolmen Step Stool

What’s a home without an IKEA Bolmen step stool?

There are always going to be things around the house that are slightly out of reach (especially for us petites): Guest towels on the highest shelf, unused Tupperware because it’s being kept in the deepest, darkest depths of your kitchen cabinet — the list goes on.

With the Bolmen step stool, I can easily reach for those items, and I love that tucks away in the corner discreetly.

Plus, it’s is great for getting the kids to help out while you’re doing the dishes.

Always start them young, right?

6. The IKEA Stockholm Mirror

The Stockholm mirror lets me add that touch of Scandinavian-inspired style to my space. 

It’s the perfect kind of mirror for that style – it’s got a large circular shape, an asymmetrical wooden veneer, and is versatile enough that it can be placed pretty much anywhere in the house, from my bathroom to the bedroom, or even the living room hallway. 

7. A Set Of IKEA Vardagen Glasses

For an affordable set of glassware that looks good for just about any occasion, I always choose the IKEA Vardagen glasses.

For one, the ribbed texture gives you a good grip, and its unique shape sets it apart from the standard smooth glass. 

8. The IKEA Blanda Matt Bowl

I love how versatile the IKEA Blanda Matt serving bowl is.

I usually prefer wooden items over metal, hence my affinity to the Blanda Matt bowl. It’s the perfect size for tossing and serving my salads in, and makes a great option for storing my fruit.

Also, I have to admit it: I love it because it just looks really good so good that I can use it as a feature piece on my coffee table if I wanted to.

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