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Custom Slipcovers in Herringbone Cement - MyFabulessLife

A while back we actually wrote an article to determine what’s the best way to re-cover your sofa, which you can find here:

In a nutshell, it comes down to upholstery or slipcovers but let’s face it – slipcovers are always the more affordable and practical option given how:
1) they’re mostly machine washable
2) they’re a lot more affordable than upholstery
3) they can be made snug and look as good as upholstery even

So you’re considering getting slipcovers for your sofa but you’re not sure whether it’s possible? Check out our infographic below and find out 🙂


Now that you know your sofa is slipcover-able and wish to have one made, you can either check out our:
Custom Slipcover Process Guide to learn more about custom slipcovers and get a quote or;
Custom Slipcover Category Page to shop now!

Don’t forget to get some fabric samples if you haven’t, always good to see fabrics (or bycast leather) in person and determine whether it’s suited for your living space, pets and overall well-being.

If you’re still not sure or have further questions about getting a custom slipcover made, drop us an email with a photo of your sofa to

We’ll be in touch 🙂