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Custom Ektorp 3 seater slipcover in velvet, by Comfort Works

What’s the difference between the IKEA Angby and IKEA Ektorp? They look similar, so how do you tell which model you have? It’s easy 🙂

Behold before you, the Angby 3 seater, vs the Ektorp 3 seater. Both are slipcoverable, round arm sofas with a long skirt style sofa cover. Quite similar looking, no?

IKEA Angby 3 Seater vs IKEA Ektorp 3 Seater Sofa

The Angby is the younger brother of the Ektorp sofa line. It’s one of IKEA’s discontinued slipcover-able sofas, having hit the grave in 2003, unlike the Ektorp which is still in stores worldwide. The Angby comes in 4 models, the 3 seater, 2 seater, armchair, and 2 seat sofa bed. The Ektorp however, has about 14 different models, including sectionals, footstools and chaise. Just like the Angby, the IKEA Ektorp slipcover is classy and simple to keep clean.

But let’s talk about the easy differences.

Biggest differences between Angby and Ektorp 3 seaters

Spotted them? That’s right, the discontinued Angby sofa cover’s skirt is long, but cheekily shows off the gorgeous wooden legs. Unlike the Ektorp’s pleated skirt, Angby has chosen a simple unpleated style. The arms are also plain on the Angby, with none of Ektorp’s matching piping to be found. A subtler difference would be how thick and round the Ektorp’s arms are compared to the Angby.

Ektorp armrest protector vs Angby armrest protector

Here’s a close up of both arms so you can see the differences in curvature, piping, and size. By the way, this photo is of our armrest protectors for sofas in a very fetching Shire (wool) Teal.

Now something easier:

To get the easiest way to identify your sofa, simply measure the width of the sofa, under the seat cushions, on the frame and between the armrests. The following measurements are in cm.

3 Seater Sofa175168
2 Seater Sofa119132

And that concludes our simple guide to determining the difference between an Angby and an Ektorp. Hope this helped you out, and I leave you now with a little bit of eye candy.

Custom Ektorp 3 seater slipcover in velvet, by Comfort Works

Think of what YOUR sofa could be like 😉