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How to fit your MANSTAD Snug Fit slipcover | Instructional Video

Hello everyone! How are you? I thought I’d share a project with you that we’ve recently worked on for the first time with a blogger (half way round the world) earlier this year.  Her name is Ainhoa of  “A Little Bite of Everything” , and her husband, Andoni, collaborated with Comfort Works to make a super cool instructional video on “HOW TO FIT YOUR MANSTAD SNUG FIT SLIPCOVER”.

Here’s a snippet of her story with Comfort Works:

Long story short, I finally found Comfort Works. Unlike other companies that sell slipcovers for this sofa bed theirs doesn’t look like an actual slipcover, because they make a separate cover for each piece of the sofa. Yes, you have to disassemble the sofa to put the cover(s) on, but it makes it look a thousand times better, in my opinion. It really seems like you reupholstered the sofa instead of covering it. Plus, the advantage of having a cover for each piece is that if you get a stain on one of them, you only have to dry clean that piece instead of the whole sofa (which means you save money at the dry cleaner’s!).

For more of Ainhoa’s review click here.

 Are you ready to see what we’ve come up with? I hope that you like it! Here’s the step-by-step video: