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The Perfect Bedroom, Courtesy Of IKEA

The perfect bedroom is the one that makes you go ahhhh the second you step into it.

It helps you wind down, fall asleep and ideally, stay asleep until dawn.

And you’ve got to admit, no one makes it easier (or more affordable) to create a bedroom that does just that better than IKEA.

So it’s no surprise that we turn to them for bedroom inspiration when we need it.

This week, we decided to pick one our favourite IKEA bedroom looks from their 2019 collection and highlight the features that make it so darn perfect.

So without ado….

A Thoughtful Colour Palette

The Perfect Bedroom, Courtesy Of IKEA: Colour palette
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Looking at this bedroom, one of the things that stand out the most is the consistent use of three colours that complement each other really well: White, grey and black.

We love that this combination makes all the pieces blend together nicely and gives it a cohesive look that soothes the senses, which is what we want in the bedroom.

In addition, a beautifully-harmonised palette like this will give hues that don’t fall into this colour family like say orange, red or gold the opportunity to pop.

A Bed You Want To Fall Into

The Perfect Bedroom, Courtesy Of IKEA: A comfy bed.
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Your bed shouldn’t just feel good, it should look good too.

You can achieve this by playing with different fabrics, colours, textures and custom touches that transform your bed into the perfect sleep sanctuary that you want to crawl into, and never get out of.

Think cushions that contrast with your dominant colour palette, a throw on the edge of your bed for added texture, or even a custom-made fabric headboard that pulls the entire look together.

Clean, Minimalistic Lines

The Perfect Bedroom, Courtesy Of IKEA: Minimalistic lines
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A hallmark of the IKEA look is its long, sleek Scandinavian-infused lines, which offers a breath of fresh air when compared to the chunky, space-eating side tables that many of us are used to.

This is what makes the LOVBACKEN bedside table so perfect for the bedroom.

The LOVBACKEN’s smooth, oblong shape and natural wood tone soothe the senses, while its generous surface makes it just the right size for an organiser that keeps your essentials close by yet neatly tucked away.

Little Touches That Make It Home

The Perfect Bedroom, Courtesy Of IKEA: Personal touches
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It could be knick-knacks that you pick up during your travels. Or a plant collection that showcases your love for orchids.

It’s little touches like these that give your bedroom personality, texture, colour and a feeling of ‘home’ that helps lighten your spirit as you step into the bedroom.

Wall Space That’s Pretty & Functional

The Perfect Bedroom, Courtesy Of IKEA: Use your walls.
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Most bedroom walls are typically left bare and unused, save for a mirror or some artwork.

Not the IKEA-inspired bedroom.

In this look, the wall serves as a functional space, thanks to strategically-placed hooks and tools that hold everything from framed pictures, blackboards, and even a piece of clothing you love.

Unexpected Twists

The Perfect Bedroom, Courtesy Of IKEA: Functional furniture
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Not every piece of furniture you pick has to be used for the purpose that they were originally intended for, just like the DALFRED barstool in this bedroom.

We love that its adjustable height and flat surface allows it to double as a plant holder, and an even better display for greens with cascading tendrills.

Space-Saving Shelves

The Perfect Bedroom, Courtesy Of IKEA: Shelves
Image credit:

Shelves are essential for keeping your bedroom space organised and clear of stray items, as well as showcasing your personality and the things you love.

Enter the EKBY VALTER shelves, which complement the neutral tones of the room nicely, with just enough contrast so that it stands out.

There you go: The perfect bedroom, courtesy of IKEA!

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