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30 throw cushions in every colour and finish you could imagine

New season, new you, right? The return of the sunshine is enough to make anyone want to throw everything out and redecorate the entire house. But if you lack the funds, time or energy for a total overhaul, here are two magic words: soft furnishings. The humble throw cushion is the easiest way to change up the mood in your house, whether it’s adding colour to a dull sofa (and you know we have thoughts on that), or adding calmness and softness to an overly bright bedroom.

So we’ve scoured the internet for cushions that can add new seasonal life to your space. For Spring, we’re thinking sunny yellows (it is the colour of the year, after all), and hand-crafted finishes like tassels, tufts and embroidery. But you do you! Here’s our entirely subjective and not at all exhaustive compendium of cushions, in more colours, textures and finishes than you could shake a socially distanced stick at. Have fun redecorating!