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IKEA Äpplarö sofa review – What a sight to see outside

On a beautiful summer’s day, imagine walking towards your garden and seeing a nice patio furniture set under the sun – that’s what the IKEA Äpplarӧ outdoor patio furniture could offer you. Continue on to read the IKEA Äpplarӧ sofa review and learn more about it.


1. Background, history & technical details
2. Design & aesthetics
3. Comfort & slipcoverability
4. Price
5. Verdict
6. Assembly guide

Background, history & technical details

The Äpplarӧ range of outdoor furniture is made with responsibly sourced acacia wood. IKEA has partnered with various businesses and organisations for years to ensure that they only obtain wood from sustainable sources – peace of mind if you intend to purchase the Äpplarӧ series from IKEA.

Released around 2012, the Äpplarӧ range has so many different pieces of furniture in its range. There are sofas, tables (gateleg, coffee, drop-leaf etc), benches (with or without backrest, with storage etc), chairs (armchair, reclining, folding, with or without armrests etc) , table/stool sections, sun lounger, wall panel, shelving units etc…that is all I can list out for now.

For the sofa models, there is the 2-seat modular sofa, 3-seat modular sofa, 3-seat modular corner sofa, corner section, 1-seat section and chaise. They’re also sold in “4-seat conversation sets” where a table, a 2-seat sofa and 2 chairs are included.

Design & aesthetics

The IKEA Äpplarӧ comes in a very nice shade of wood that fits perfectly in the outdoors. The construction is simple, with a lot of wooden bars and neat lines. One look at it and you get the feeling of relaxing outdoors.

Without much cushions going on for the Äpplarӧ, there are only boxy seat cushions and back cushions that come in 7 different colours. Most of them are neutral colours like grey, white and beige except for 1 with a greenish tone to it – I think it’s very foresty and probably makes you feel closer to nature. The back cushions come in 2 styles too – normal and tufted.


Comfort & slipcoverability

Without the cushions, sitting on the Äpplarӧ sofa is definitely uncomfortable. It’s not meant to be a sofa for lounging if it does not come with cushions. Sitting on the hard seat and backrest for long hours sounds like it will give you a backache once you’re ready to get up. When the cushions are in though, you’ll be able to lie comfortably there for a few hours under the warm summer sun, reading a book, watching Netflix or just taking a nap. The Äpplarӧ chaise is at an angle that felt just perfect, and together with the Kuddarna chaise pad, here’s a reminder to apply sunscreen before you decide to lounge on it. 

Some sets come with the Frӧsӧn or Duvholmen cushions, which are made with recycled polyester and polyurethane foam as its core filling and this can make them quite firm and good for sitting. They’ll go perfectly with the IKEA Äpplarӧ once you fit them in there. If you think they don’t, contact us for customised Äpplarӧ cushion covers with a ton of fabric choices that we offer at Comfort Works.


A 2-seat modular sofa is priced from $350 – $490 in the US depending on the type of cushion it comes with. The longest 3-seat modular corner sofa with white cushions is about $970. We think the price is above average, but because it’s made from acacia hardwood that is sturdy and suitable for outdoor use, it’s worth it.


The stain that is already on the Äpplarӧ furniture does not last long, especially if you don’t care for it regularly. By care, we mean trying to keep it inside during the rainy season and storing them indoors during the winter months. Furthermore, regular maintenance such as restaining, painting or varnishing is required. These coatings would allow the wooden furniture to last longer because they act as layers of protection from the sun and water, hence keeping the wood shiny and also retaining its natural wood colour.

If you like rearranging, the many types of chairs, tables, stools and corner sections in the Äpplarӧ range give you the flexibility to place them in any position you like.

Comfort: 6.5/10
Design: 8/10
Price: $$$ (out of 5)

Not the outdoor sofa for you? Check out our complete IKEA outdoor sofa review and see if there are other IKEA outdoor furniture that you may be interested in.

Assembly guide

Check out the assembly guide for the IKEA Äpplarӧ here:
Äpplarӧ 1-seat section
Äpplarӧ corner section

Find slipcovers for your Äpplarӧ

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