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Soderhamn 3+1 Sofa with Modena White bycast leather slipcovers by Comfort Works

So we stopped by IKEA Richmond the other weekend to check out the new Soderhamn Sofa series recently launched. PS: never go to IKEA on the weekend, it’s a zoo out there! Go there on the weekdays, they close at 9PM (you’ve been warned).

Soderhamn in Herringbone and vintage legs
Soderhamn in Herringbone and vintage legs

We went with the expectations that this would be a mind-blowing design (fast-forward 5 years and it is now actually still quite popular), as it’s not the typical blocky couch or classi round arms. Let’s dive deeper into this shall we?


First thing we noticed were that the Soderhamns have very, very thin seat cushions, “this can’t be comfortable” we said. We were wrong! the seats are very cushy in fact because they use a netting-like base underneath the seat cushions, very interesting.

The sofa also feels solid and deep enough for a complete slouch for those lazy days where you don’t feel like doing anything.

The other couch perfect for perfect laziness is the Kivik sofa series in my opinion; most of the other IKEA couch series seem to suffer the same problem of not having enough seating to support your whole upper legs  (I’m around 5ft 8″ or 173cm, not exactly massive).

I’d give it a surprising 9 out of 10 for comfort.

New IKEA soderhamn couch series

Price and Durability

The biggest bang of this sofa though, is price! A 3 seater sofa for AU$499 – in comparison to the other series, the Karlstad is $569, the Ektorp and Kivik are both $799. Our all time favorite, the Stockholm is $1399. A pretty damn good deal if you ask us.

It makes sense at the same time with seemingly less raw materials used for its skinny frame, but it holds up pretty well.

Of course, we didn’t jump on the sofa but we did play musical chairs on it. Jokes aside, the sofa remained sturdy no matter how we sat on it so we don’t think it’s a sofa that breaks easy. No need to worry about using IKEA’s 10 year warranty.

8/10 for price, 8/10 for durability as well (we’re still using the same Soderhamn set for the past 5 years now and it’s still holding up great!)

Aesthetics and Hackability

Sofa cover wise, they come in 5 original colours as of 2013: Turquoise, Sand, Beige, Black and Dark Grey. I like it so much, I’m starting to think about what we’re going to do to make space at home! And yes, like the Tylosand and Kivik, you can lego it around to add or minus any pieces to suit your home’s layout.

Here’s what we did with it in 2016 (Yep, another hack):

IKEA Soderhamn Given Ghost Sofa Hack by Comfort Works with Custom Sofa Covers
IKEA Soderhamn Given Ghost Sofa Hack by Comfort Works with Custom Sofa Covers

(Read about the Soderhamn Hack here)

Hackability 9/10 hands down, Aesthetics 8/10 depending on how you end up configuring it 😉

Overall Conclusion

To sum it up, I think the Soderhamn is simply Sexy + Affordable + Comfy + very Modern looking. Possibly one of the nicest sofa collection from IKEA.

Comfort Works now also sells slipcovers for the IKEA Soderhamn Series too! Some of our recent work can be found below:

Soderhamm Liege Biscuit Lovelies In My Life
Soderhamn sectional consisting of two 3 seaters, a corner module and a footstool as a coffee table in our Liege Biscuit slipcovers
Soderhamn Sofa with Custom Modena White bycast leather
Soderhamn Sofa with Custom Modena White bycast leather
Slipcovered IKEA Soderhamn One-seat Section in Shire Coal by Comfort Works
Soderhamn One-seat Section in Shire Coal by Comfort Works

Definitely a great buy overall, but that’s just my opinion. What do you guys think?

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