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The Best And Most Comfortable Slipcovered Sofas of 2020 & How To Pick Them

I’m biased of course (working in a company that sells bespoke slipcovers), but there’s nothing sweeter than a slipcovered sofa as the main living room couch.

Most slipcovers are removable, replaceable and machine washable, making them the biggest secret to couch immortality… and general cleanliness.

You won’t even have to worry about stains when the cat decides to cough up yesterday’s dinner onto the couch. Or the times when little Timmy needs a little blank canvas to test out his artistic expression.

Just a quick trip to the washing machine and you’re good to go. How have people not realized how great these are?

Of course some may not appreciate the relaxed style offered by loose covers and prefer the sleeker looks signature to upholstery, but who wants to live in terror over every pasta spill?

Terror for a good reason as well – it will cost a bomb to reupholster. Sometimes as much as the original couch itself.

If you can’t get the stain out all that’s left is to live with it, or fork out.

But since you’re reading this post then you probably already know all this. I won’t have to sell you on the benefits of slipcovers.

With that said, let’s dive into the guide to the best slipcovered sofas you can buy right now, including:

Best Budget Slipcovered Sofa:
IKEA Ektorp

Let’s get the formalities out of the way and start with the most popular slipcovered sofa in the world – the IKEA Ektorp.

It’s the sofa that no slipcovered sofa list can be complete without. After all, it is IKEA’s most popular couch by far.

So what can you expect out of a couch with such impressive credentials? Well actually, not as much as it might be hyped up to be.

The Ektorp is by no means the best slipcovered sofa. It’s brilliant at what it does, which is to not blow a giant sized hole into your wallet.

At the same time it also checks all the boxes that ordinary folk will be looking for in a slipcovered sofa.

Replacement covers available? – check.

Machine washable too? – check.

A sturdy enough frame construction and cushions that don’t fall apart after a few years – check check.

They’ve even gone ahead and played it safe with how it feels to sit on. Firm, overstuffed cushions that aren’t especially soft or stiff and a seating position that is upright with a tiny bit of lounge.

Hardly anyone could find the Ektorp too deep, hard, soft, or loungy to be a deal breaker. It’s just… neutral.

What isn’t neutral is how affordable the Ektorp is. At the time of writing, it’s $399 for the 3-seater in the cheapest fabric (Lofallet beige). What. a. Steal.

Things get put into perspective when you compare it against the classic Pottery Barn basic slipcovered sofa which costs $1399 or more. They even look very much alike but the Ektorp is less than a quarter of the price.

And that’s what makes the Ektorp the ultimate budget slipcovered sofa. It really is the slipcovered sofa that is accessible to anyone.

To really drive this home, IKEA is a global brand and offers flat-packed furniture. Most parts of the world can order it and bring it through their doorways or narrow stairwells.

Don’t forget you can even browse through the local showrooms to get a feel of this couch which is definitely a perk!

One more thing to remember is that the Ektorp is not limited to the 3-seater couch. Whether you may want it with a chaise lounge or as a L-shaped 4 seat corner sectional, it has got you covered.

Each of them are priced incredibly competitively as well.

All-in-all, while the Ektorp is not the cheapest slipcovered sofa, it’s as cheap as you’ll want to go. It won’t break on you if you don’t abuse it and provides everything you’ll want from a budget slipcovered sofa.

Best IKEA Slipcovered Sofa: Farlov

We love IKEA sofas, sometimes a bit too much that you’d have to worry that this list was full of them.

Don’t worry, this will be the last IKEA sofa on the list – and it’s well deserved too. Promise!

One of the best things about shopping for a sofa at IKEA is that you can always “splurge” on some of their higher end products without breaking bank.

Sometimes, you’ll even find a sofa that has the looks and feeling of something that you won’t immediately associate with a brand like IKEA.

That’s where the Farlov comes in. For a full disclaimer, this is my favourite IKEA sofa – especially after slipcovering it in our Madison cotton fabric. It’s so comfy.

Anyway, back to the Farlov. The most obvious thing you’ll notice by looking at it is that it has an unexpectedly upmarket look for IKEA.

It’s the first of their sofas to rock those gorgeous sloped arms and has a clean and modern silhouette. Seriously, it even looks almost identical to the sofas sold by some of the far more expensive brands.

Of course, a sofa isn’t judged by its looks alone and the good news is that the Farlov delivers in the comfort department, and then some.

It’s large, deep-ish and above all has a single bench cushion that makes you want to sprawl around on the sofa like a cat.

No joke, the space on the bench cushion is almost as large as a single bed after removing the back cushions. It’s also super soft yet supportive making it a favourite for naptime.

Those sloped armrests are also low enough to prop the lumbar cushions against for a make-do pillow.

Speaking of lumbar pillows, you get two! Since the Farlov naturally has a deeper and loungier sit, these really help to prop yourself up for when it comes time to hold a conversation.

Priced at $799 in its cheapest fabric, the Farlov is definitely one of the more expensive options on IKEA’s catalogue but is worth it.

Other than being one of the most comfortable sofas in IKEA (in my butts opinion), you can do so much with it from lounging, upright sitting and even napping.

You can even sit crossed legged or however you want because of it’s large seating depth, which is something you won’t do very well on the Ektorp.

Being an IKEA sofa, you can also expect to get all the perks of shopping at IKEA (flat-packed delivery, showrooms for testing, return policies) and machine washable replacement slipcovers.

For some odd reason though, the Farlov has a far more limited selection of slipcover fabrics/colors compared to the Ektorp.

The only options available are safe, solid colors which is a shame since the Farlov would look absolutely premium (read: expensive) in some bold, luscious colors.

Either way, that’s the only real downside to this otherwise amazing couch and you should definitely be considering this all-rounder at a bargain price.

Best Mid-Priced Slipcovered Sofa: Stone & Beam Carrigan

Surprise, surprise! It’s not everyday that you’ll see a sofa from Stone & Beam getting a mention. It’s a brand that flies under the radar, but shouldn’t.

Stone & Beam is part of Amazon’s own furniture line and makes great sofas, which is why it’s odd that they’ve remained on the down-low. 

When it comes to their slipcovered sofas, there’s an unfortunate lack of options; most of them aren’t slipcovered. But thankfully the Carrrigan does come with one and has some of the best quality at a modest price.

Modest as in you are definitely not paying for the brand name on this one. Currently, it is priced around the thousand dollar mark for the 88” model.

A glance at the Carrigan will let you know where they are trying to go with the look. Like the Ektorp, it’s another close remake of the classic Pottery Barn Basic sofa. The traditional style round arms and loose fitted shabby-chic fabric slipcovers are a dead giveaway. 

Here’s a picture of the PB Basic loveseat (which by the way is talked about later):

Pretty similar right? For all their similarity, there’s one big difference and it boils down to the price tag. The Carrigan cost at least $500 less (depending on the fabric) than the similar sofa from Pottery Barn.

After saying that, you might be having some concerns over the quality of the sofa but not to worry, the Carrigan is a well-built sofa through and through. In fact, this sofa has one of the most impressive build qualities for a sofa at that price.

It’s got a frame made of solid hardwood, is built in the US, and comes with very thick cotton sofa covers. Who said you couldn’t find a couch built to last on the cheap?

The one thing that throws a wrench into how great the Carrigan is is the fact that replacement covers for it aren’t sold currently. Come on Amazon! Uh, I mean Stone & Beam…

We also do not make covers for this sofa (yet) so it’s a good thing the cotton is substantial.

At the very least the covers can be washed, or at least Amazon says it can. Though a minority of people have had their covers shrink on them so it’s best to play it safe and use cold water when washing and drip drying in shade.

As for the comfort of the Carrigan… it’s pretty much what you would expect from the classic round arm sofa. It offers a good balance between attentive sitting and lounging, while having neither too soft nor too hard cushions.

These sofas tend to be the Goldilocks couch in the sofa world. One thing about the Carrigan however is that it does sit higher off the ground versus other round arm sofas.

If it weren’t for the fact that you’d have to buy this sofa sight unseen it would probably be a whole lot more well known. Amazon are the ones behind it though so you can be assured of the quality.

They don’t pay for showrooms or salespeople so you won’t have to fork out for these things in the final cost as well. 

On top of that, you get that all too familiar Amazon shopping experience with free delivery and all if you’re a prime member. The delivery people will even bring it into your house and set it up for you if it can fit through the doorway.

So if you’re considering this couch, hop onto the review section of Amazon to know exactly what to expect before pulling the trigger.

Also, stay away from the sectional version of it. They have managed to butcher the sectional model in particular by not building the frame with any frame hooks to keep the modules together which means the sections slide around and apart. 

There’s a reason why it wasn’t chosen for best sectional sofa after all.

Best Sectional & Best Outdoor Slipcovered Sofa: Crate & Barrel Lounge II Petite

The Crate & Barrel Lounge II has always been a favourite in the sofa world. It’s modern, big, comfy, and so very versatile because of its modular nature.

It’s among the top contenders for best family couch.

Unfortunately, there is one slight issue – it doesn’t come slipcovered. But! In some weird twist of fate it’s littler cousin (the Lounge II petite) strangely does get the slipcover treatment. 

That’s the star of the show today.

As the slightly less oversized version than the original Lounge II, the Lounge II petite still shares most of the defining characteristics of Crate & Barrel’s favourite sofa.

That means it’s also a pretty deep seating couch. If the name “Lounge II” wasn’t enough of a giveaway, this couch is meant to be lounged on. 

Nevermind the fact that it’s the petite version because at 24 inches of seating depth, some might be finding it hard to get their legs on the ground.

The fact that it has cushions that are all the way on the softer side add to that feeling of being engulfed by the sofa. It’s like getting sucked into a giant snuggly cloud. 

A cloud that also has the added benefit of being expanded on by buying additional modules to turn it into a sectional… cloud. That’s right, the Lounge II offers some of the best modularity to turn it into the ultimate slipcovered sectional sofa.

Chaise lounges, corner modules, single seaters and the entire works – all slipcovered. You just name it!

So if you’re looking for a large deep and soft slipcovered couch that also can be turned into a sectional – you won’t find a better option.

To make things even better (and weirder), the Lounge II petite has been built outdoor ready. To show they mean business, they even use Sunbrella-acrylic fabric on it alongside water-repellant and mold resistant cushions.

The frame itself is also constructed of marine grade hard plywood.

It’s a mystery who is actually searching for a super-loungeable slipcovered sofa for outdoor use but here it is anyway!

In the end, there’s no real downsides to the Lounge II petite if you’re the type that prefers relaxed and soft sitting. The fact that it is one of the only brands to offer a truly modular slipcovered sectional makes it all the more enticing.

Since Crate & Barrel is behind this sofa, you can be guaranteed a solid construction and decently priced replacement slipcovers for it (they cost approximately ⅓ of the price of the sofa).

On top of being durable and fade resistant for the outdoors, the covers can also be machine washed following Sunbrellas cleaning guidelines.

Expect all that quality to come with a substantial price though. In the case of the Lounge II petite, it will be $2,300 and above for the standard slipcovered 83” sofa.

Despite being one of the priciest options, I would still recommend this in a heartbeat, especially when you consider that Crate & Barrel is pretty much the only high-end, commercially famous brand that has a presence in other parts of the world.

It’s a great place to shop if you’ve got the budget to splurge on something fancier and of higher quality than what you’d find at IKEA.

As of now, they have showrooms in America, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates so don’t forget to head on over and testing it out before committing to the Lounge II petite!

Best Small Slipcovered Sofa: Pottery Barn Basic Slipcovered Sofa

It’s difficult to make a list of the best slipcovered sofas without covering the most famous farmhouse slipcovered sofa of all time. Of course, I’m referring to the Pottery Barn Basic sofa.

The number of times this one sofa gets used as a comparison against other round arm slipcovered sofas is… pretty much always. Think of it as the benchmark for the look and feel for these kinds of sofas.

It’s just that famous. Not too surprising since it was Pottery Barn which popularized the design. 

Over the years, many brands have created their own “clone” of this sofa, some with far more competitive prices for the quality. I mean,starting at a $1399 price minimum you’d expect the PB Basic 60.5” sofa to at least come with a hardwood frame or be made in the USA, which are unfortunately both no’s.

Scrolling back, you’ll find that the Stone & Beam Carrigan has a better build quality and on par comfort at a far more affordable price.

But enough with the downsides, everyone knows you pay extra for the Pottery Barn brand name. So what gives this sofa a spot on the list?

For starters, the PB Basic is a tried and tested couch that is beloved by lots of satisfied shoppers. It’s comfy, traditional, slipcovered and gives off that rustic and cozy cottage feel that many of those searching for a slipcovered sofa so desperately want. 

The fact it’s from Pottery Barn will likely make your friends green with envy as well (if that’s your thing).

What you will be able to get out of this sofa that isn’t present in its competitors is the option to go extra small. Small as in the loveseat is just 60 inches wide.

If “apartment-sized slipcovered sofa” is the word of the day, then this is the one you’ll want. Nothing else comes close to how tiny the width of this sofa is.

Nothing else from a decently reputable brand that is.

As for the feel of the couch, the PB isn’t all too much different than the other round arm sofas on this list. It’s got an upright sit with some lounge and neither too firm nor too soft cushions.

The comfort levels however are definitely beyond that of the IKEA Ektorp which is it’s most direct rival. Down-blend cushion filling makes a lot of difference in the comfort department, especially if you’re planning on using it for long stretches of time.

On the other hand, even with the down filling the comfort of the PB isn’t anywhere near 4 times that of the Ektorp (like the price is), making this sofa a tough one to recommend to just anyone.

But if you’re desperate to conserve space, the PB Basic might be the only option available. It’s still a good small and slipcovered couch for those who can afford the extra. 

Thankfully, the build quality is above the likes of IKEA sofas as well. 

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits when considering the PB Basic is the ability to test the couch before making the commitment. Just head into one of their showrooms and get seated, which is what you’ll definitely want to do before splurging on this.

One thing that might not be so obvious when visiting the showroom however is the fact they have a far wider selection of slipcover fabrics/colors than any of their competitor round arm couches. 

A quick mosey through their site will give you all the many ways you can design your PB Basic. And that flexibility in fabrics and colors goes for their replacement covers as well to allow you to change things up once in a while.

It’s something to think about especially for those trying to design their ideal living space but are limited by the rather dull options available on the IKEA Ektorp.

Note: Not all the PB fabrics can be machine washed. You’ll need to refer to the care instructions at the back of the fabric swatches to find this out.

Most Unique Slipcovered Sofa: Birch Lane Fairchild

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. That’s exactly how it’s like to order a sofa from Wayfair.

Sometimes they are good, and sometimes they are downright terrible – which is not too unexpected from an online platform selling sofas from hundreds of different manufacturers.

Search hard enough though, and you’ll eventually find a great slipcovered couch at a great price – like the Birch Lane Fairchild.

Priced close to $1000, the Fairchild isn’t the cheapest slipcovered sofa in town, but it is built with quality in mind. What makes this worth buying over the many more conventional brands is that it is one of the most unique slipcovered sofas ever.

As a camelback sofa with flared arms, the Fairchild is already a breath of fresh air from the hordes of Pottery Barn-esque sofas. Yet, they don’t stop there with their wild designs.

To make their sofa truly unique, Birch Lane has gone a step further and done the unthinkable: removing the back cushions.

You heard it, instead of big and plush back cushions to lean into, you’ll instead be given a set of 5 throw pillows for lounging. Now before you stop reading this section over what seems to be sofa-suicide, let it be said it is still plenty comfortable.

If it’s not your fancy, the back is also padded as an alternative to using the cushions.

To add to the craziness, did I mention that the cushions can be customized to have an entirely different color scheme than the slipcover fabric? You can even make a “personalized” couch like this:

Imagine this in your living room. No other brand will allow you to get away with creating this monstrosity/art. 

On the plus side, one great aspect of the fabric selection is that you can upgrade to Sunbrella fabric without adding too much to the final price.

Having a high quality fabric on this couch would be particularly useful since they do not sell replacement covers and they also state not to wash the covers. Though, some people have been doing so anyway without issue.

We at Comfort Works also cannot create a slipcover for this type of sofa (camelback) so you’d want to make sure the fabric lasts.

So what about the elephant in the room question: Is this sofa the least bit comfortable? The answer is yes.

Somehow, this couch concoction of unusual features has worked out! 

For starters, the Fairchild is a massive couch with equally deep seating. It’s practically a giant sofa island all on it’s own so expect lots of lounging.

The biggest highlight in this is definitely the massive single bench cushion – it’s so comfortable to sprawl out and nap on (like the Farlov on steroids). Expect that you’ll be using it as a second bed a lot.

And that’s no exaggeration either. That one bench cushion is almost the size of a twin mattress.

For even more extreme comfort, the bench cushion is also down filled for a softer touch, which is an unexpected premium at this price point. 

At the end of the day, there’s a lot to be said about this weird sofa. It’s unique, comfortable and well built for a Wayfair sofa.

The biggest downside is that you’ll have to order it online but at least you can get some fabric swatches to test out before buying it.

But hey, at least Wayfair is one of the better places to order a couch online. 

Their customer service and attitudes to returns or refunds are pretty good since they don’t bear the cost of returns (the manufacturer does). So if there was any time to order a couch sight unseen – this might be it.

Bonus: The best personalized slipcovered sofa : Your Current Sofa

Haven’t found a slipcovered sofa on this list that suits your needs? Consider simply making your own.

Introducing the best personalised slipcovered sofa – your own sofa… but slipcovered:

IKEA Karlstad with custom washable white linen sofa covers
Put a slipcover on your sofa! It can even be a gorgeous white linen one.
Pictured sofa: IKEA Karlstad

Bespoke covers have been a thing for a while now – we sew them right here at Comfort Works. But did you know that our covers can be made for most types of sofas

Even for couches that weren’t slipcovered to begin with.

And not only are they machine washable (except the leather ones) and replaceable, they are also far more affordable than buying a whole new slipcovered sofa.

Sometimes they are more affordable than a slipcover from the original brand even, which is particularly true for non-budget sofas.

But it gets better! With over 50 fabric and color combinations, you’ll be getting choices like no other. And with the option to go different styles like Scandi or Modern, you’ll be the one to craft the couch of your dreams.

There’s a good chance your old sofa might look even better than when it was brand new:

IKEA Stocksund with custom slipcovers
We just made this IKEA Stocksund look even better than new!

So if you’ve got an old sofa in desperate need of a do over, don’t break up with it just yet – consider getting your own unique slipcovered sofa without the hefty price tag.

Or you know… just buy a slipcovered sofa and use a custom cover on it to get it how you want. Because we do get customers who do that 🙂

Whatever it is, hope you enjoyed this post and are now ready to pick the perfect slipcovered sofa. Happy Hunting!

Want to find out more about how you can turn your old sofa into its slipcovered self? Give us a visit on our main website and discover the brands and sofa models we make bespoke slipcovers for: