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Welcome to the ultimate guide and resource for the IKEA Ektorp sofa series – find sizes, dimensions, reviews, slipcovers, assembly instructions and more here.

Maybe you’re searching for the perfect sofa and need a little help. Maybe you’ve already decided on the Ektorp, and need more information. Or maybe you already own an Ektorp and your house guest decided to spill coffee on its difficult to acquire slipcover. In this cheat sheet, we’ll help you with all of that.

If your questions aren’t addressed here, feel free to contact our support staff at

Ektorp in grey velvet slipcovers

Status Check

Status: Sofa and slipcovers available in most IKEAs across the globe but has been discontinued in the US and Canada (replaced by Uppland). Only the three-seater sofa remains in those regions.

In other countries most sofa variants and slipcovers are still available from IKEA except for the 2 seater sofa bed, corner 2+2 sofa bed, solo chaise lounge with armrest(s) and 2+2 Corner sofa.

Slipcover: Custom Ektorp Sofa slipcovers available from Comfort Works

Measurements: All couch models, sizes and dimensions can be found in this post –

Cool Factor: Inexpensive, durable, comfortable and extremely easy to maintain with its machine washable slipcovers. Child-friendly.

Ugh Factor: Semi-comfortable slipcovers by IKEA; not easy to slip on, not readily available for certain discontinued models.

Instruction Manual.

Want to know how to assemble an Ektorp sofa? Download the respective Assembly Instruction Manual below for the:

Ektorp Armchair/Loveseat/Sofa.
Ektorp 2 seater and Chaise.
Ektorp 2 seat sofa bed.
Ektorp 3 seat sofa bed PIXBO.
Ektorp Left-hand Chaise.
Ektorp Bromma Footstool
Ektorp Jennylund Armchair.

Our Review.

Custom Ektorp slipcover with contrast piping

There aren’t many negatives that can be said with the classic Ektorp as it is a perfect entry level sofa for most families with children. Durable, long-lasting, inexpensive, plus removable and washable slipcovers definitely makes this the most practical model of IKEA.

Although some Ektorp configurations has been discontinued in IKEA stores, Comfort Works is still producing replacement slipcovers for the IKEA Ektorp. Our Ektorp slipcovers also come complete with pleated skirts and piping, just like the original.

For more customisation options, get in touch!

More Information.

Modern Mrs. Darcy – Review and maintenance tips to keeping your Ektorp Sofa ever white and bright.

PRODUCT REVIEW –  Pros and cons, likes and dislikes all listed by individuals that purchased the Ektorp Sofa.

VIEWPOINTS – See the good and bad of what other users are saying about the Ektorp Sofa.

Left on Highland – IKEA Ektorp vs Pottery Barn Basic Sofa; any differences?

The Three Sweet Peas  – IKEA Ektorp slipcover easy washing review – are all the rumors true?

Tiny Twig – A complete review of the Ektorp White sectional

Shabby French Cottage – Review of Ektorp 3 Seater in white plus an instructional assembly video.

Color Outside the Lines – Ektorp Lino Broadweave slipcover review.

On Sutton Place – Ektorp Slipcover review with close up of its beautiful piping.

Pretty Petals – Ektorp Rough Ash (Velvet Gray) Slipcover review with many pretty pictures.

Cottage4c – Follow the discussion on getting “off-white” slipcovers from IKEA and where to possibly find the best pure white replacements.

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  • by Jill
    Posted 2014-02-06 12:58 AM 0Likes

    I’m looking for leather slip covers for my 3 seater Ektorp couch and two Jenny Lyund chairs. I’m located in Canada. Do you sell? How much and what colours are available?


  • by Terri
    Posted 2014-05-05 12:09 PM 0Likes


    I have 2 Ikea Ektorp 3-seater sofas that are upholstered in brown leather. They’ve worked out beautifully through many years of young boys and some pets. However, the cat has scratched up some of the corners, and the couches are starting to show some wear. Besides, we’re just getting a bit tired of the dark brown and want to freshen up the decor a bit.

    However, I was dismayed to find that because the leather sofas are constructed with the seat cushions permanently attached (unlike the fabric sofas), they cannot take the available Ikea Ektorp slipcovers. I wish the salesperson had made this clear upfront when we purchased the sofas, as the ability to change style/color was one of our reasons for choosing Ektorp. I also understand that slipcovers can be hard to keep straight on leather furniture because it is too slippery.

    What solutions can you suggest? Do you think we could separate the seat cushions from the frame without terribly damaging the function of the sofas? If we did so, could we use the regular Ektorp slipcovers? Would it damage the leather further to put a cover on it?

    Thank you for your help.

  • by Jackie bardin
    Posted 2014-06-01 2:05 PM 0Likes

    Am looking for a discontinued ekthorp 2 and 3 seater soda cover I bought in Ibiza Spain.
    The colours are azul velonge .

    Can anyone tell me where I can pick some up please?

    Ps it’s a sort of Royal blue.

    Thank you.


  • by Jennifer
    Posted 2014-12-04 5:06 AM 0Likes

    I’m sorry to ask if already stated – do you ship US and is the 2+2 available or not available? I am not clear on what is stated above. Sorry if I am being dense.

  • by Marie
    Posted 2015-01-01 2:20 AM 0Likes

    Hi, I would like to know if if is possible to shorten a slipcover for the Ektorp 3 seater with chaise lounge so that it would fit on an Ektorp 2 seater loveseat. It looks like the cushions are the same size on both models. Am I right?
    Thanks and happy new year!!

    • by Henry Chandra
      Posted 2015-01-07 12:21 PM 0Likes

      Happy new year Marie,
      I’m not sure what exactly you need to get done, are you saying that you already have a 3 seater + chaise slipcover for the ektorp you want to modify? if that’s the case, it’s probably best to get in touch with your local seamstress we don’t really do modification to an existing slipcover.

      Having said that, the Ektorp 2 seater slipcover is still available from IKEA, but in case you want to spruce it up with a bit more with a custom slipcover, here’s the page for the custom loveseat cover:

  • by Henry Chandra
    Posted 2015-01-07 12:42 PM 0Likes

    Shipping to US for the Ektorp corner 2+2 slipcover is around $40 – but you can get the shipping fee rebated in exchange for an honest feedback (both positive or negative)

  • by Patti
    Posted 2015-02-22 12:44 PM 0Likes

    Hi – I have the Ecktorp love seat and sofa in leather. I would like to know if you sell a slipcover for the leather sofas or if you can suggest a DIY way to put a slipcover over them?

    Thank you!

  • by Henry Chandra
    Posted 2015-02-24 6:46 PM 0Likes

    Hey Patti,
    Typically, the older ektorp leather sofa have it’s seats and back cushions sewn onto the sofa, hence not removable for the purpose of slipcovering its individual pieces.

    However, we’ve several customers in the past who snipped/cut the seams to separate the pieces and ordered an Ektorp slipcover with its cushion covers slightly altered to fit. Let me know you’re interested in finding out more 🙂

    Speak soon,

  • by Ashley
    Posted 2015-03-17 11:07 PM 0Likes

    What is that heavenly sofa pictured above for movie night snuggling? An ektorp loveseat with ottomans? Something else? Please share how I can recreate this!



    • by Chuck Lau
      Posted 2015-03-18 12:46 PM 0Likes

      Hey Ashley!

      That’s basically an Ektorp chaise LEFT + an Ektorp chaise RIGHT combined together 🙂

      Unfortunately these are no longer available at IKEA, but you can definitely recreate with some of the other chaise longues from the Kivik or Karlstad range – just that the arms are square instead of round.

      Alternatively you can try gumtree, eBay or craigslist to get these secondhand.

      Hope this helps!

  • by Mari
    Posted 2015-07-21 2:39 PM 0Likes

    Do you make Rouge Ash Velvet covers for the Ektorp sofa and ottomans? If so what would be the price?

  • by Mari Sieradzki
    Posted 2015-07-21 2:41 PM 0Likes

    Do you make Rouge Ash Velvet covers for the Ektorp sofa and ottomans? If so what would be the price?

  • by Julie
    Posted 2016-01-21 5:41 AM 0Likes

    I have an ektorp sofa with chaise and am looking for someone who would like the chaise cushion and base in exchange for their ektorp sofa cushion.

  • by val
    Posted 2016-01-22 5:17 AM 0Likes

    Where can I get replacement cushion inserts for the back cushions of my ektorp couch?

    • by Chris
      Posted 2016-01-22 7:57 PM 0Likes

      We don’t sell the inserts unfortunately, but a local upholsterer or cushion shop should be okay to make foam inserts to your specification.

  • by Yasmine Gonzalez
    Posted 2016-05-26 6:22 AM 0Likes

    Hi there! Im looking for the manual for this sofa, looks like the one on the IKEA website isnt very helpful, as I need to find out how I can take it apart… Can anybody advise?

    • by Chuck Lau
      Posted 2016-05-26 11:08 AM 0Likes

      Hi Yasmine!

      Thanks for inquiry — we’ve just updated our blogpost with all the assembly instruction manuals we have for the Ektorp 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  • by Meda
    Posted 2016-10-17 11:58 AM 0Likes

    I’m looking for just a replacement seat cushion for the Ektorp sofa. I bought the one with the chaise lounge on it but would like to have the option of taking the foot piece off to turn it into a regular sofa without the chaise during the holidays. IKEA store says they don’t sell them but I don’t understand why.

    • by Chuck Lau
      Posted 2016-10-17 1:33 PM 0Likes

      Hey Meda,

      From a business point of view, we’d imagine that IKEA is able to keep cost low because they cater for the masses – they cater everything in large sets with minimal or no room for flexibility. This means you won’t be able to choose a pink cover for your sofa, request for taller legs or get replacement cushions from IKEA.

      Unfortunately your best bet would be to go to the aftermarket for your slipcover, sofa legs and cushion needs. You can quite easily get it at a local upholsterer, Walmart, Costco or Home Depot also – which is probably why IKEA doesn’t feel the need to sell replacement seat cushions for the Ektorp.

      Personally – it sounds like a good idea that they do though!

    • by Mary Edmands
      Posted 2018-07-23 9:41 AM 0Likes

      Hi, I am trying to do exactly the same thing!! If I find a source for cushions, will let you know.

  • by Cheryl Knight
    Posted 2017-02-13 5:06 AM 0Likes

    We just purchased the Ektorp 1/2. The middle leg is about 3/4 of an inch from the floor. Any suggestion? Unscrewing it some does not make it long enough to reach the floor.

    Posted 2017-11-13 5:28 AM 0Likes

    Replacement bolts for EKTORP- anyone know of any dimensions/ sources!? )(lost all my bolts in a recent house move)

  • by Aimee
    Posted 2018-03-14 10:39 PM 0Likes

    I amconsidering purchasing the Ektorp chaise sofa and chair but they seemshort to me. Do you how many inches high the legs are? Do you think replacing the legs with higher ones would look right?
    They are now making a new version that is the Ektorp 3.5 with larger dimensions but they made no new accompanying pieces and I’m worried the origical chair size will look silly next the larger dimentioned sofa. Help? TY!

    • by Felicia
      Posted 2018-03-15 2:31 PM 0Likes

      Hi Aimee

      In our experience the newer (2017 onwards) batch of Ektorp 3-seater sofa’s legs are about 6″ however the leg heights may vary depending on the model, so we aren’t sure about the leg heights for the armchair and chaise. It’s probably best to check with your local Ikea store directly to see how tall each item’s legs are 🙂

  • by Mary
    Posted 2018-05-06 2:21 PM 0Likes

    Looking for replacement cushions for the Ektorp three seat sofa bed…any ideas where to get them?

    • by Felicia
      Posted 2018-05-10 10:00 AM 0Likes

      Hi Mary,
      We wrote a blog post about that too, and you can read it here:
      Hope this helps 🙂

    • by Jill Meyer
      Posted 2018-07-13 9:02 PM 0Likes

      I have 4 replacement seat cushions for the Ektorp love seat. That would be the poly quilted envelopes and the foam inserts. Actually they are brand new and never used. I just bought 2 love seats, and am changing the cushions to down. I have no idea how to ship them, but I am in Los Angeles CA.

      • by Mary Edmands
        Posted 2018-07-17 3:31 PM 0Likes

        I would love to have at least 2 cushions. Would take all 4 if you need to seed to sell them. I have a 3 sweat sofa, currently on loan to my sister in law for her Air B&B. Washed the insert envelopes and 2 literally fell apart. Wrapped the foam w/ extra batting—works, but lumpy in appearance.
        Then I got sofa w chaise for our great room and now I really want to separate the ottoman. So, yes, if available, I’m interested. How much are you charging for all or at least 2? Shipping would be to zip: 37885, prob Fedex or USPS? Vonore, Tennesse. Thanks
        Mary Edmands

      • by Linda L
        Posted 2018-08-03 5:35 AM 0Likes

        Jill –
        I am desperately seeking an Ektorp replacement cushion? Do you still have any?

        • by Jill Meyer
          Posted 2019-01-26 3:25 AM 0Likes

          Please e-mail me directly at or to respond to my post below I am not able to answer posts here, but I do have the cushions.
          Jill Meyer

          I have 4 replacement seat cushions for the Ektorp love seat. That would be the poly quilted envelopes and the foam inserts. Actually they are brand new and never used. I just bought 2 love seats, and am changing the cushions to down. I have no idea how to ship them, but I am in Los Angeles CA.

      • by Marsha
        Posted 2018-08-05 1:41 PM 0Likes

        Hi Jill

        I’m in LA 🙂
        Do you still have the cushions?

        Fingers crossed ??

        Thank you 🙂

      • by Marsha
        Posted 2018-08-05 1:50 PM 0Likes

        Hi Jill

        I’m not sure if my last post went through. Phone died. I am in Hollywood. Do you still have the cushions? I have a love seat that would love you!! Lol


    • by Jill Meyer
      Posted 2019-01-18 6:51 AM 0Likes

      Please e-mail me directly at or to respond to my post below I am not able to answer posts here, but I do have the cushions.
      Jill Meyer

      I have 4 replacement seat cushions for the Ektorp love seat. That would be the poly quilted envelopes and the foam inserts. Actually they are brand new and never used. I just bought 2 love seats, and am changing the cushions to down. I have no idea how to ship them, but I am in Los Angeles CA.

    • by Jill Meyer
      Posted 2019-01-19 12:31 AM 0Likes

      I have 4 cushions for Ektorp love seat. See my post below. they are approximately 25 1/2 x 26 1/2.
      I am in Studio city California or

  • by Steve
    Posted 2019-07-31 8:05 AM 0Likes

    I have a problem I don’t see addressed anywhere. I would like to take off the seat cushion cover an Ektorp chair but the zipper tab is recessed in a sleeve. Have tried to grab the pull with tweezers and small pliers with no luck. Does anyone have a solution. Thanks

  • by Cecile
    Posted 2019-09-09 3:19 AM 0Likes

    For those who are looking for Ikea cushions you may want to contact Ikea directly. I did that here in Netherland and although it’s not listed on their site or catalog, they told me they do sell replacement cushions. They said I needed to know what year the Ektorp is from since sizes and cushions have changed through the years.

  • by Denise
    Posted 2020-01-16 12:30 AM 0Likes

    I am trying to do the same thing – any luck in finding a replacement cushion as Ikea told me they don’t provide them

  • by Helen Paton
    Posted 2020-10-17 4:40 AM 0Likes

    Hi, I am looking for a single light grey slip cover for an Ektorp three seater sofa seat cushion please.
    I bought a new set of covers but my partner has ripped one .

    • by Naomi
      Posted 2020-10-20 10:16 AM 0Likes

      Hey Helen,

      We make slipcovers for the Ektorp 3-seater sofa! However, we usually wouldn’t recommend getting just the cushion covers as there will very likely be a mismatch between our fabric and yours, since we do not hold any of IKEA’s fabrics. If you’d like, perhaps you could check with IKEA if they still have the fabric you’re looking for and if they can make just the one cushion cover for you.

      An alternative would be to get a complete slipcover set, but we’d recommend getting some samples from us firstly 🙂 Head on over to to have a look and get up 8 swatches at a time.

      Hope this helps!

  • by Anne Hennessy
    Posted 2021-09-05 6:39 PM 0Likes

    Have lost the I need to move house..where can I get the tools needed

    • by Naomi
      Posted 2021-09-07 2:22 PM 0Likes

      Hey Anne,

      For the Ektorp (and most IKEA sofas/furniture), you’ll need an Allen Key – and that’s really about it!

      IKEA does have them but you can find Allen Keys on Amazon or even at your local hardware store. They usually come in a set of sizes, so that would be a pretty safe bet 🙂

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