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Welcome to the ultimate guide and resource for the IKEA Allerum sofa bed – find sizes, dimensions, reviews, slipcovers, assembly instructions and more here.

Maybe you are searching for the perfect sofa bed and need a little help. Maybe you’ve already decided on the Allerum, found one on Craigslist and need more information.  Or maybe you already own an Allerum and your house guest decided to spill coffee on its hard-to-find slipcover. Whatever the deal is, we’ll help you with all of that in this cheat sheet.

If your questions aren’t addressed here, feel free to contact our team at

Replacement Allerum Sofabed Covers
Top image: BEFORE Comfort Works came along Bottom image: New replacement covers in linen!


Status Check

Both the sofa and slipcovers are no longer available from IKEA. The Allerum was discontinued in 2003.

  1. There are 2 different versions of the Allerum from 2 different production batches:
    • W- 195 cm D- 90cm H- 35cm
    • W- 202 cm D- 90cm H- 35cm
  2. Cool Factor: The back support flips backwards and this couch doubles as a twin sized bed. The seat is ultra supportive and comfortable, with a spring core and polyurethane foam.
  3. Ugh Factor: Decorative round cushions are thin and lumpy. Needs constant fluffing, so additional stuffing for the cushions will be helpful.

Not too sure which version of the Allerum you currently own? Luckily, there’s an easy way to distinguish the difference between the two versions.

Simply take a measurement of your Allerum Seat Cushion by measuring the width of the seat cushion, between the seams (on your existing cover). Remember to ignore any piping or the foam that bulges out at the sides to get a more accurate measurement.

Instruction Manual.

Want to know how to assemble an Allerum sofa?

Download the Instruction Manual for the Allerum Sofa Bed.

Our Review.

The Allerum sofa is comfy with exaggerated dimensions. The bottom cushion is a bit wider and longer than a twin mattress and comes with two round pillows. It’s a cute day bed which is easily turned into an extra sleeper for the occasional overnight guest. Bonus points for being a sleeper with no armrests to accommodate any exceptionally tall guests.

Although this model has been discontinued in IKEA stores, Comfort Works is still producing replacement slipcovers for the IKEA Allerum Sofa Bed.

Allerum Sofabed Covers in Cotton Canvas White fabric by Comfort Works


More Information:

I LOVE YOU MONKEY– Journey of one IKEA Allerum sofabed, loved in two homes.

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  • by allexandre ramsey
    Posted 2015-07-13 4:29 PM 0Likes

    Found yr sofa in a second hand shop, fell in LOVE!
    That was 7 years ago and now I’m looking to replace it, sadly
    Very glad to find your site at last…

  • by Vroome Albert
    Posted 2015-12-04 8:51 AM 0Likes

    Do you sell the sofa also or only the fabric ?

    • by Chuck Lau
      Posted 2015-12-07 11:18 AM 0Likes

      Hey Vroome!

      We only sell the slipcovers, not the sofa 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  • by Tracy Hudak
    Posted 2016-08-11 9:43 AM 0Likes

    Bough the cover and am finding, like with the original, I cannot fasten the velcro along the very back of the bottom cushion because the frame support is in the way. There is nothing about putting the cover on in the Ikea assembly instructions. Any clues?

    And thanks for sending the cover to me so quickly! It is really beautiful. {Nomad Green}

    • by Chuck Lau
      Posted 2016-08-11 10:29 AM 0Likes

      Hey Tracy!

      Could you kindly send an email with a photo of the issue to ? We’ll diagnose it from there and find a proper solution for you 🙂

      Speak soon!

  • by Mary Newson
    Posted 2020-10-30 8:32 AM 0Likes

    I have original orange sofa covers for the Allerum but I need to clean them. Instruction tag says dry clean, but have you ever wet-washed them?

    • by Naomi
      Posted 2020-11-06 10:35 AM 0Likes

      Hey Mary,

      Truth be told, being in the slipcover business and working with various fabrics, we understand that certain fabrics require specific care; hence their care guides. It may not be a big deal but at the end of the day, they’re there to ensure you get the best out of your covers.

      We’re not sure about the exact composition of the Allerum’s original orange fabric, however; if you find that it doesn’t hold up to wet-washing/machine-washing, you may definitely get slipcovers from us that are machine-washable 🙂

      Good luck!

  • by Eins Tein
    Posted 2021-01-25 10:51 AM 0Likes

    MAN why did they discontinue this sofa, it is the best design. The legs don’t dig into carpet, simple conversion to bed, comfortable firm mattress. Why discontinue such a great product. I really hope IKEA does sell this again.

  • by dreams
    Posted 2021-02-04 3:12 AM 0Likes

    I have the original olive green allerum cover. I washed with warm water in my washing machine and then air dried. At first it seemed to have shrunk as harder to put back on, but was able to pull and stretch back on nicely with just a little repositioning. Looked fabulous with no color loss.

    • by Naomi
      Posted 2021-02-08 9:06 AM 0Likes

      Thanks for sharing! 🙂

      That does make sense – sofa covers tend to shrink a little upon washing, even if they are sanforized. We always recommend fitting the covers back on while slightly damp to combat this!

  • by Vicki
    Posted 2021-08-05 8:28 PM 0Likes

    How does measuring the cushion give you the cover measurement ….I want to order a new cover but do t want to order the wrong O E

    • by Naomi
      Posted 2021-08-10 6:00 PM 0Likes

      Hey Vicki, thanks for asking!

      Since our covers go right over the cushion/body of the Allerum, it makes sense that the cushion measurements = the cover’s measurements. They are made to fit perfectly 🙂

      If you require assistance, shoot us an email at and one of our friendly agents will guide you in getting the right covers.

      Best of luck and we look forward to your email!

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