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[sg_popup id=”3″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Welcome to the ultimate guide and resource for the IKEA Ekeskog sofa – find sizes, dimensions, reviews, slipcovers, assembly instructions and more here.

Maybe you are searching for the perfect country sofa and need a little help. Maybe you’ve already decided on the Ekeskog, found one on Craigslist or Ebay and need more information. Maybe you already own an Ekeskog and your house guest decided to spill coffee on its hard-to-find slipcover. Or maybe your in-law’s are coming to town and you want a more grown up looking slipcover. In this cheat sheet, we’ll help you with all of that.

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Ekeskog Slipcover in Nomad Grey
Ekeskog Slipcover in Nomad Grey

Quick Check.

Status: Sofa and Slipcover no longer available from IKEA.

Slipcover: Custom Ekeskog Sofa slipcovers available from Comfort Works

Measurements for Ekeskog 3 Seater: Width of frame- 235, Depth of frame- 98, Height of back- 72, Width between armrests- 195, Width of armrest- 20, Depth of seat cushion- 77

Cool Factor: Couch is extremely comfortable.

Ugh Factor: Seats are notorious for slipping away, particularly the Ekeskog sofa bed.

Instruction Manual.

Want to know how to assemble an Ekeskog sofa?

Our Review.

A sturdy and long lasting sofa. Has wide generous seating and  big armrest. However, the seat cushions are also very slippery and always slide off the sofa. There’s also complains that the support beams are quick weak and breaks easily.

Ekeskog Slipcover in Nomad Red
Ekeskog Slipcover in Nomad Red

Although this model has been discontinued in IKEA stores, Comfort Works is still producing replacement slipcovers for the IKEA Ekeskog.

More Information.

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Flickr – Discussion on how Ekeskog cushions are slipping

Difference between Hovas & Ekeskog – A post that explains how to differentiate between the Hovas & Ekeskog and whether the slipcovers with fit one another.