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IKEA Hovas Sofa Guide and Resource Page

[sg_popup id=”3″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Welcome to the ultimate guide and resource for the IKEA Hovas sofa  – find sizes, dimensions, reviews, slipcovers, assembly instructions and more here.

Maybe you already own the Hovas, found one on Craigslist or Ebay and need more information. If you’re not sure whether your IKEA 3 seater is the Hovas or the Ekeskog 3 seater sofa, simply browse around our blog or just click on the links in this paragraph. Typically, the Ekeskog would have the very obvious piping/welting/cording and has pleats that are only halfway through the skirt length.

If your questions aren’t addressed here, feel free to contact our support staff at

Hovas Slipcover

Quick Check.

Status: (Discontinued) Sofa and Slipcover no longer available from IKEA.

Slipcover: Custom Hovas 3 seater sofa slipcovers available from Comfort Works.

Measurements: W- 243cm D- 110cm H- 89cm

Cool Factor: Super spacious and super comfy sofa that fit super tall people.

Ugh Factor: If you’re looking for something modern, sleek or contemporary, the Hovas might not exactly be for you.

Our Review.

The greatest thing about these large and curvy sofas is that they’re always comfortable – most of the time. Sadly with great comfort, there’s also always a great sacrifice for aesthetics. Don’t get us wrong, it looks awesome… if you grew up during World War II so it is definitely not a couch for everyone. It makes a great daybed if you live beachside and just want to chill on a lazy Sunday afternoon with the family.

Hovas 3 Seater Slipcover in Gaia Flax

Although this model has been discontinued in IKEA stores, Comfort Works is still producing replacement slipcovers for the IKEA Hovas 3 seater.

More Information.

Hovas vs. Ekeskog – Find out which sofa you have and which slipcovers you should have.