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Welcome to the ultimate guide and resource for the IKEA Ekeskog sofa – find sizes, dimensions, reviews, slipcovers, assembly instructions and more here.

Maybe you are searching for the perfect country sofa and need a little help. Maybe you’ve already decided on the Ekeskog, found one on Craigslist and need more information. Or maybe you already own an Ekeskog and your house guest decided to spill coffee on its hard-to-find slipcover. In this cheat sheet, we’ll help you with all of that.

If your questions aren’t addressed here, feel free to contact our support staff at

Ekeskog Slipcover in Nomad Grey
Ekeskog Slipcover in Nomad Grey

Quick Check.

Status: Sofa and Slipcover no longer available from IKEA.

Slipcover: Custom Ekeskog Sofa slipcovers available from Comfort Works

Measurements for Ekeskog 3 Seater: Width of frame- 235, Depth of frame- 98, Height of back- 72, Width between armrests- 195, Width of armrest- 20, Depth of seat cushion- 77

Cool Factor: Couch is extremely comfortable.

Ugh Factor: Seats are notorious for slipping away, particularly the Ekeskog sofa bed.

Instruction Manual.

Want to know how to assemble an Ekeskog sofa?

Our Review.

A sturdy and long lasting sofa. Has wide generous seating and  big armrest. However, the seat cushions are also very slippery and always slide off the sofa. There have  also been several complains that the support beams are quick weak and breaks easily.

Ekeskog Slipcover in Nomad Red
Ekeskog Slipcover in Nomad Red

Although this model has been discontinued in IKEA stores, Comfort Works is still producing replacement slipcovers for the IKEA Ekeskog.

More Information.

APARTMENT THERAPY – Discussion on Hovas being the new Ekeskog? – Reviews of the IKEA Ekeskog sofa.

Flickr – Discussion on how Ekeskog cushions are slipping

Difference between Hovas & Ekeskog – A post that explains how to differentiate between the Hovas & Ekeskog and whether the slipcovers with fit one another.

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  • by Mike Edwards
    Posted 2013-03-26 12:16 AM 0Likes

    Does anyone have a solution fo rthe ‘Ugh’ factor you describe, that of the cushions slipping off all the time? If so, please send me an email!

    • by Rachel @ Comfort Works
      Posted 2013-03-27 10:43 PM 0Likes

      That’s our pet peeve with the Ekeskog! Luckily, our slipcovers are made with suede backing to give the seats a little added friction, so you’ll stop slipping down. You could DIY with some velcro on your sofa- let us know how it goes.

    • by Colin
      Posted 2018-07-12 8:16 PM 0Likes

      I got some wide Velcro, 4″, fixed to base and cushions. Glued using polyurethane wood glue. Rock solid

  • by Miguel
    Posted 2016-05-27 11:13 PM 0Likes

    This is by far the most comfortable sofa IKEA has ever built. Actually I discovered Comfort Works as I was looking around for new slipover covers for my 12 year old 3-seater.
    Had to reinforce the wooden eams afetr 8 years of hey use but adter that the structura has been perfect.
    My only real gripe is about the back cushions which quite quicly lost their shape and they are completely sloppy looking now – but after 12 years I don’t mind getting new cushions made and new covers, as I am dtermined to extend the life of this guy as much as possible, even if it entails spending more dough that what a new sofa would cost.
    Definitely recommend it – sometimes shows up on eBay at bargain prices.

    • by Chris
      Posted 2016-05-28 2:02 AM 0Likes

      Awesome, Miguel, it’s pretty inspiring how attached you are to your Ekeskog 🙂

      The good news is, ordering new foam to replace your old back cushions should be a lot cheaper than a whole new sofa. Plus, you can always get replacement covers to make sure those new back cushions don’t get too beat up!

  • by Eleanor Stirling
    Posted 2021-07-09 10:32 PM 0Likes

    Hi there, this may sound like a silly question, but what is the difference between the Ekeskog sofa and sofa-bed? Mine turns into a bed just by flipping the cushions over, but was there some other kind of sofa-bed in this style? I would like to order a replacement cover but can’t tell the difference between your pictures of the sofa versus sofa-bed, they look identical!
    Many thanks,

    • by Naomi
      Posted 2021-07-23 4:45 PM 0Likes

      It’s not silly at all, Eleanor!

      If you have the Ekeskog sofa-bed, then you’ll have to get the Ekeskog sofa-bed slipcovers as the sofa bed is actually a little smaller than the regular sofa and has different measurements altogether. This is why the slipcovers for the sofa and sofa-bed aren’t interchangeable.

      However; there is actually another model that looks very similar and is often mistaken for the Ekeskog –the Hovas! As far as we know, the Hovas does not have a sofa-bed version, so you’re safe there. In any case, the best way to find out exactly which model your sofa-bed belongs to is by 2 ways;

      1) Checking for a brand/model tag (this is usually attached to the frame of the sofa)
      2) Comparing dimensions (Ekeskog sofa bed basic dimensions are: Width 238cm, Depth 97cm, Height 68cm)

      And if you’re still unsure, just shoot us an email with a photo of your sofa bed at and one of our friendly agents will be very happy to help. 🙂

  • by Sally
    Posted 2022-03-16 9:30 PM 0Likes

    Do you still stock Maddison Rose fabric please? I ordered covers for my a while ago and would now like to order some arm rest protectors.

    • by Naomi
      Posted 2022-03-17 11:22 AM 0Likes

      Hi Sally,

      Thanks for asking! We do still have the Madison fabric – it has been re-named to “Brushed Cotton” and you may find them under the “Pure Cotton” category. We would strongly recommend picking up some samples before getting the armrest covers as dye lots do vary a little between batches.

      Hope this helps!

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